When it comes to selecting a security system for your business, there are many options and choices at nearly every price point and level of technology. These choices will have a lasting effect now and in the future.

Before you choose your system with your security professionals, be sure to ask these helpful questions about security systems:

  • Will I be able to scale this system up? – There are cheaper options that can work for smaller scale companies. However, it can get very pricey when your business expands and requires complicated additions or to be fully upgraded to meet the new needs. It is important that you talk to your security professionals to make sure that things like new access points, surveillance cameras, and other aspects can be added or upgraded as your business expands.
  • What kind of quality are your security cameras? – The best available streaming at the moment is loss-free streaming. This feature can be critical. Even if the footage is in HD, data may experience hiccups, blackouts, or cause scrolling to become difficult. Loss-free HD offers compression to alleviate these issues and ensure that you can find the necessary images in clear resolution.
  • Will this system integrate with my existing hardware? – A security system that requires its own system completely separate from your main IT infrastructure is a bad idea. It costs more and can create a total technological nightmare should you have to scale up.
  • Am I covered in the event of a power surge or outage? – Criminals consider a power outage to be an open door. Make sure that your security system is always on via a power backup and is stored on a cloud-based server. Good security systems automatically switch to the backup system should a power failure occur.

At A Total Solution, Inc., our security system experts work with our clients to ensure that all of their needs are met and questions are answered. We offer most of the top security systems on the market today, including Honeywell Vista and Bosch Security Systems. Contact our team today to learn more about security systems and to schedule your free consultation.