The honest truth of why our homes and business get broken into is quite simply because we make it easy for them. You may not be aware of this, but you actually can advertise your home to would-be thieves. You might think that is a ridiculous statement, but it happens more than you think. Arming yourself to prevent theft should always be the first step to being secure.

doorlock1. Watch What You Throw Away

This might sound a little weird, but often times your house could be burglarized if you don’t dispose of your trash properly. Here’s an example: Let’s say you get a beautiful brand new 96 inch television that you think is just for you. Well if you leave the box outside next to the trash it sort of tells the whole neighborhood you got a beautiful brand new 96 inch television too.

2. Pick Up Your Mail

Remember to grab your mail before heading out to work or pick up the newspapers that sometimes stack up in front of your door. The more you forget, the more it looks like someone is not home that much which leaves burglars the idea that it is safe to break in.

3. Don’t Update Your Status

If you are going out of town for the weekend, or even going on an extended vacation with the whole family try not to be so vocal about it while posting on Facebook and Twitter. Seeing that social media is not always just friends, it could give someone the opportunity to take advantage of the fact you are not going to be home.

4. Don’t Leave Your Blinds Open

Ok so you disposed of your trash properly, and made sure that no one saw you throwing away the game system packaging and the box your 96 inch television came in. Unfortunately, you like to keep your blinds open and the entertainment system can be seen from across the street. All that precaution for nothing.

5. Double Check The Locks

This might be a little patronizing, but double check your locks before heading out of the house. A thief is more likely to waltz into your house through an unlocked door, than risk trying to break a window. That is almost like giving your stuff away at that point. This also goes for a shed or a garage door. You might not think of it in that moment, but lawnmowers, and power tools are quite expensive if you have replace them every time you want to use them.

6. Clean Up The Yard

Before going out of town mow the lawn and clean up the hedges a bit. It makes it look like the house is being tended to, which means someone must be home to do it. It’s a good deterrent.

7. Call ATS

And lastly, give A Total Solution Inc. a call if you tend to be a little forgetful or like to tell you everyone online you are going to the Bahamas. We know exactly what kind of security system would go great in your home, everything to cameras to alarms. We can even monitor your whole house while you are away and tell you if anything happens while you are away through our Cloud and SMS systems. Call our technicians today, and go out of town worry free.