2022 is right around the corner. What better way to start the New Year than empowering yourself by taking control of your security.  Many times when making new resolutions they are directives that require constant attention and daily maintenance, like losing weight or getting healthy or running a marathon.  We set ourselves up for failure before we even begin.  Make a change in 2022.  Take charge of your resolution.  Empower yourself and your business or family by taking charge of your safety and security!

Preventative Security Measures

Business owners and homeowners alike need preventative measures to ensure their property is safe.  There are a number of preventative security measures that can be taken to get your safety and security resolution off on the right foot.  Taking the power away from the criminals by preventing crime before it happens and putting it into your hands is the purpose of security systems.  Access control for your business or home is a great start.  With an advanced access control system, business owners control who enters and exits the facility, and also control the specific locations those people may have within your facility.   If an angry employee who has just been fired loses his or her temper and makes threats, access control systems allow the business owners and managers to immediately block access to that employee and remove their credentials, disengaging them immediately from the business.  For residential locations, access control allows the owner to monitor whether your doors are unlocked, and if they are, you can remotely lock them.  Portions of homes may also be restricted from some other members of the family.  This is beneficial for those instances where a loved one may be suffering from dementia.  Allowing them access to the portions of the home that are safe for them to use is a great way to protect them.

Video surveillance is another preventative security measure, especially when the cameras are in obvious areas where potential criminals may see them.  Not only are video surveillance systems a great deterrent for criminal activity, for business owners they are also an easy way to ensure your employees are not acting improperly.  A well placed video camera allows the business owners of retail establishments to watch the till to ensure none of the business’ hard earned dollars find their way into an employees’ back pocket. An employee who knows they are on camera is far less likely to steal than one who believes nobody is watching.  Residential locations also benefit from video surveillance.  Many criminals scout locations prior to breaking and entering into people’s homes.  Cameras placed in conspicuous locations allow the burglars to realize that their actions are being recorded, which may cause them to move on from your location.

Real Time Monitoring Services

Not every business owner or home owner has the time to spend staring at video surveillance footage day in and day out.  At some point they will need to leave their post, maybe take a vacation, but then who is watching to make sure everything is secure?  That’s where central station monitoring comes into play.  Real time monitoring services like central station monitoring through video surveillance is the perfect option for homes and businesses.  Central station monitoring allows experienced, certified technicians to monitor each home or facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no gaps in coverage.  This is helpful for busy people who sometimes need to sleep or not be in a position to monitor their surveillance feeds every given moment.  Remote video surveillance that captures the action in real time allows the techs monitoring your feed to engage emergency services in a much faster and less emotional manner.  Rapid response times for emergency services have been proven to lessen damage to facilities in emergency events.  Central station monitoring takes the pressure off of you and allows experienced technicians to make the emergency calls when you are not able.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is another security feature that enables business and home owners to feel protected, not only for their property but also for their loved ones and their employees.  Not only does video surveillance fall under this category, but so does access control systems.  Other forms of perimeter protection include intrusion detection systems and other perimeter sensors.  Healthcare facilities have special needs when it comes to perimeter protection for their patients.  While most perimeter protection systems are focused on keeping the bad out, assisted living facilities remain vigilant at keeping the good in.  In Florida, where more than 20% of the population is in their late 60s or older, it is important that our elderly citizens are provided with the security provisions they need to stay safe.  One option is to place sensors around the facility and put tracking devices on the patients.  Being able to track patients through the facility without physically walking with them everywhere they go allows loved ones to still feel some independence while the nursing staff ensure they are not in a dangerous situation.  Many assisted living facilities are faced with the challenge of managing patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.   While many of those patients have lucid moments, often times they find themselves in dangerous positions when left unmonitored.  Through the placement of sensors around the facility and the exterior perimeter, nursing staff can ensure that all of the patients are exactly where they should be at all times.  If a patient needs to be located, they can use the tracking system to quickly find them and guide them to where they need to be.

Intrusion detection systems or alarm systems are a way to alert people to a break in.  Motion sensors and contact sensors notify residents and employees that someone has entered the perimeter and, with contact sensors, has made physical contact with a window or door.  The sensors will show specifically which window or door was affected.  Motion sensors will light up an area when an unexpected visitor moves through its path.  These systems are excellent ways to monitor your perimeter and remain aware of who is coming close to your location and when.

Facial or License Plate Recognition

Facial recognition systems are a great way to protect your facility and prevent unwanted activity.  Biometric readers are common tools used in access control systems.  These facial recognition systems map people’s faces and load them into a database.  When a person attempts to gain access to a home or facility, the system will scan the database to ensure the person’s identity prior to their entry into your location.

Many times criminals hide their faces to avoid detection and identification during a criminal act.  What they forget about are the cameras facing the road and driveway that have license plate recognition capabilities.  These systems allow residential and business owners to monitor the vehicles coming and going from their homes and/or facilities.  Most of these high-end cameras are able to read the plates at night too!  These cameras allow you to record the plate information during an emergency event without having to be concerned about jotting down or remembering a plate number after a traumatic experience.

A Total Solution is your one stop shop for all of your security resolution needs.  Their technicians are held to high standards, come equipped with top notch industry certifications, and the knowledge and customer service experience to work with you and adapt your security systems to meet your needs.  Once installation is finished, it is up to you how you want your system monitored.  Customers will always have all access codes, logins, and passwords.  All documentation is provided to the customers at the time of installation.  ATS will also handle and manage all of your monitoring needs should you choose to go that route.  They provide 24 hour a day, 7 days per week remote monitoring of all security systems.  ATS also provides emergency repair and maintenance service should a camera break or a sensor fail.

Get on board for 2022 and make your security your resolution!  Take the power away from the criminals and cross security enhancement off of your to do list.  It’s the easiest resolution to fulfill.  All it takes is one phone call to get started.

Trust your security system needs to a company that has your safety at heart.  By hiring qualified technicians who are put through a series of rigorous certifications, A Total Solution is able to install, maintain, inspect, repair and upgrade all manner of security systems.  Contact us today for a free consultation!