Florida is one of the prime retirement destinations in the USA.  Along with a large retirement community comes an increased need for skilled care, managed care, and assisted living facilities.  The purpose of these professional facilities is to ensure our aging loves ones are receiving the medical care and attention they require while also maintaining their safety.  One vital component to a reputable nursing facility is the nurse call system.  Nurse call systems range from the simple button pushed for immediate nursing attention to sophisticated systems that are able to track and monitor patient’s (and staff as well) comings and goings.  Ensuring your system is up to standards, meets the needs of your patients, including those most at-risk, and is able to provide peace of mind to the families of all of the facility’s patients is what A Total Solution does best.

Nurse Call System Installations (regular and wireless)

The healthcare industry is seeing advances in technology at extraordinary rates.  These advances are seeing their way to the safety and security aspects of the industry as well.  As our large population ages, the number of facilities with specialized care for people having cognitive or physical issues steadily increases.  It’s often a difficult decision for a family to decide that their loved one should move to an assisted living facility for constant care.  Fears of change and losing independence are real concerns.  Fortunately, these advances in technology help patients retain a sense of independence, while simultaneously ensuring their safety.

One way these facilities do this is through their nurse call systems.   Like much of modern tech, systems come with the option of utilizing wired or wireless technology.  Wired technology is typically the button that is attached to a cord that goes directly into the wall.  The button may be pushed by the patient to alert the staff that they are having an issue.  These call stations are typically located in the patient’s bathroom and bedroom.  This system allows for rapid attention to the ailing patient, increasing reaction time by the staff, and providing comfort for the patient in knowing that emergency assistance is immediate and not a phone call away.

Of course, there is a wireless solution to the nurse call system needs of healthcare facilities as well.  An industry leader in security systems in general, Bosch has developed its Security Escort system.   This system is comprised of small transmitters, generally the size of a key ring, that attaches to patients, staff, or portable machines and other assets that a facility would want to track.  These transmitters will send a signal to a nearby receiver, which will then report back to a central monitor that displays a map of the entire facility and perimeter showing the location of each transmitter.  This system has the ability to integrate into current video or pager systems to allow for visual confirmation of the situation and provides additional alarm notifications.  The Security Escort can also create a “virtual fence” for each patient that limits where that patient may go.  Should a patient move beyond their designated perimeter, an alert goes back to staff, where they may locate the patient and redirect them to the areas that are secure for them.  The transmitters are water-resistant and have a large activation button.  This advanced system will even alert staff if the patient does not record any movement for a period of time.

While it certainly seems that, unsurprisingly, wireless technology once again wins the day, it is important to note that hard-wired systems may be required under certain state laws, are usually cheaper to maintain, and may sometimes even be more reliable.

ATS is the perfect choice for installing your wired or wireless nurse call systems, focusing on the client’s needs and working within their budgets.  Their techs are all NICET, FASA/BASA and factory-certified, follow up with continuing education to stay on top of the latest advancements and regulations, and are trained in over 79% of the system on the market today.

Nurse Calling
Nurse Calling with ATS

Nurse Call System Repairs and Maintenance

In order to stay compliant with the wide variety of regulations surrounding nurse call systems and healthcare facilities, including the Agency for Health Care and Florida Administration Code 59A-7, it is imperative the systems are regularly maintained and repairs are completed as a priority.  What maintenance is required varies drastically from system to system.  For instance, a wired system will require confirmation that all outlets are fully functional and wires are not degraded.

The sophistication of the wireless system requires proper maintenance to ensure that all aspects of the system are working at optimal levels.  Many components of the wireless system use batteries.  Ensuring the batteries are fully operational is paramount to the success of the system.  Proper maintenance of the computer monitor system and ensuring there is no signal interference are also vital pieces of the nurse calling system that need to be evaluated on a regular basis.

ATS Emergency Services (24/7)

As an industry-leading security system provider, ATS knows that any sudden issues with a nurse calling system may not only cause a terrible inconvenience for their clients, but could also prove fatal to patients who rely on the alarm systems for medical necessity.  In light of the realization of how critical nurse call systems are to the safety of patients, ATS offers 24/7 emergency service for all of their clients for any of their systems.

Contact ATS today to talk about installing a nurse calling system at your facility or upgrading your current system.