Parking lots can be a hotbed of criminal activity from vandalism to thefts and much more heinous crimes.  The implementation of security measures is critical to the safety of everyone using the parking lot as well as to the protection of the users’ property.  Let’s discuss some reasons that make targeting parking lots and cars a common choice for criminals, then we will explore ways to protect the people and property in your parking lot.

Why Target Parking Lots?

There are a combination of factors that put people at risk of physical harm and/or damage to their personal property in parking lots.  First, parking lots generally see a lot of activity.  There are always people and vehicles coming and going at all times of the day or night.  With so many people coming and going, it is easy for criminals to blend in with the surroundings.  Poor lighting is another reason parking lots are a good hunting ground for criminals.  Not being able to see who is approaching you makes it difficult to identify the perpetrator later.  Another reason criminals target parking lots is because they are usually fairly isolated as to their location.  People inside a store, restaurant, or other business are not likely to be able to see the back of a parking lot, let alone see what may be happening to people or vehicles.  Without property security systems in place, these factors combine to make parking lots an ideal place for criminals to go unnoticed and make them difficult to apprehend.

Why Target Cars in Parking Lots?

Police place signs in mall parking lots as a reminder for shop patrons parking in the lots to lock their car doors and secure any items in their vehicles during the holidays.  That’s because criminals love to target parked cars.  People often leave valuables in their vehicles from purses/wallets to computers and cell phones, often in plain sight.  These items are easy targets for thieves.  Parking lots are also easier places for thieves to break into cars without attracting much attention, unlike with cars parked on the street.  Thieves targeting parking lots also are not generally in a rush.  They will take the time to watch people park and see how or if they lock their vehicles.  This allows them time to assess the risks and make their move without much fear of interference.

What Can You Do to Protect People and Property in Parking Lots?

There are a number of security options for parking lot owners to install in order to keep people and possessions safe.  The first step is to improve lighting.  Brighter parking lots make it difficult for criminals to hide.  The next step is the installation of a surveillance system.  Strategically placed security cameras offer two benefits:  one they capture acts as they are happening and monitors of the feeds can alert authorities immediately; second they act as a deterrent for would be criminals.  When a criminal sees a security camera, they will be less likely to strike in that parking lot as they know their risk of getting caught goes up exponentially when the act is captured on video.  A combination of bright lighting and surveillance cameras will ensure your employees and patrons are safe and their property secure as they park at your business location.

Parking Lot Cameras and Installations with ATS

If you’re a business in the Tampa Bay area and need to add security cameras to your parking lot, your one stop shop for parking lot security is A Total Solution.  ATS is renowned for its top-notch customer service and industry leading products.  They offer a wide variety of options for business owners from a simple camera set up that records feeds to a fully monitored intelligent surveillance system.  Their intelligent surveillance systems are able to provide immediate video verification of panic situations and intrusion events.  When an event is detected, the monitoring operator can connect immediately with  the proper authorities to disclose the location of the event and the people involved.  These surveillance systems offer real-time, proactive security for your parking lots, ensuring everyone is safe and all of their property is protected while under the care of your parking lot security system.

Contact ATS today to discuss the options available to meet your business needs and budget!