An advanced security system can consist of many different integrated devices including alarms, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and many other aspects. With all of these components, it can be overwhelming and brings up the question of what should your security system actually have? One of the “must-have” components for every security system is video surveillance. Security cameras can provide both live and recorded feeds to give business owners the ability to see what is going on in their building at all times.

When it comes to designing an effective video surveillance system, there are several important factors to consider:

  • Wired or Wireless? – Traditional video surveillance systems typically include hardwired cameras. Although wired cameras are typically very consistent and reliable, they can be expensive to have installed and difficult to wire. A wireless camera system offers more flexibility when placing the cameras and eliminates the need for additional wiring.
  • Camera Placement? – No two buildings or properties are exactly the same, which means each has its own vulnerable areas. With the help of your security professionals, the high-risk or more vulnerable areas of the building should be determined, including exits, windows, and locations that are not as visible. In addition to securing the perimeter, security cameras should also be installed inside of the business or building to monitor indoor activities.
  • Viewing Preferences? – You should consider how you would like to view and access the footage that is recorded. Do you want to be able to both watch the footage while at the business and while away? If you do plan on recording the video for viewing later on, you should also ensure that you have enough memory or storage space to house it all.
  • Video Verification? – Would you like to have all alarms video verified for your surveillance system? This means that you would have to have your security cameras connected to the Internet so that your monitoring service could verify alarm conditions so that first responders could be dispatched.
  • Camera Choices? – In a previous blog, we discussed the many different security camera options that are available nowadays. You will need to talk with your security professionals to ensure that the cameras with the capabilities that your specific business requires are installed.

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