Since the pandemic, the security system industry has seen drastic advancements in available technology. As temperatures rise in the world of politics and global markets falter, protecting your business and employees from emergency events and criminal acts has moved to the top of the priority list.  Commercial security cameras and video surveillance provide an excellent defense against the criminal world. Does it make sense to invest in a commercial security camera system now? Take our quiz and find out if now is the time to invest in a video surveillance system.

Is Your Facility Missing an Existing Alarm System?

Commercial facilities require some form of security other than locked doors. If your location does not have an existing alarm system, then video surveillance is a great starting point. If your commercial facility already does have an existing alarm system in place, perhaps adding video surveillance may not seem like a fiscally responsible decision now. However, adding video surveillance to your current alarm system doesn’t need to break the bank. Advanced tech has made integrating systems and adding new components to create a full-scale commercial security system easy to install and maintain. Expanding an existing alarm system to include video surveillance is now easier than ever and ensures your property and your employees remain safe at all times.

Do You Have High Risk or High-Value Areas on the Premises? 

Many businesses store and maintain valuable products, business data, and intellectual property onsite. While it may make sense to store these items at the facility, there need to be assurances that these valuable items are secure. Perhaps your facility stores items, like chemicals, that may only be handled by certain individuals. Video surveillance systems provide live stream feeds to monitors who may ensure that only the proper employees are accessing restricted areas. Healthcare facilities are prime examples of a location that benefits greatly from video surveillance systems. Trying to keep tabs on all patients suffering from a wide variety of mental or physical problems and of varying lucidity can be overwhelming. With video surveillance systems, healthcare facilities are able to track patients’ movements and retain footage should an issue arise if an emergency event occurs. Maintaining video recordings will aid authorities in the investigation of any issues or emergencies involving high-risk or high-value items and areas.

Is Your Business in a High-Crime Area?

Protecting your business from crime is imperative. If your facility is located in a high-crime area, invest in video surveillance now! Surveillance cameras are known criminal deterrents. Just seeing surveillance cameras on premises is usually enough to cause a potential criminal to find other locations to burgle. High-crime areas are not only dangerous to a business’s bottom line, but they are also a danger to a business’s employees. Depending on the facility’s operational hours, employees may find themselves arriving to work in the dark, or leaving at night after a shift. Employees’ safety is at risk as they walk to and from available parking areas to the premises. Placing video cameras in areas that employees frequent, including the path from the parking lot to the facility will protect your employees from potentially life-threatening situations and provide them peace of mind as they travel back and forth from work.

Are You Missing Security on Staff at Your Facility?

If your business does not employ staff specifically to maintain security on the premises, then video surveillance systems may be the right answer for you. Video surveillance will live stream video feeds straight to a central monitoring station or to an app where an owner or manager will have access to live feeds from all cameras on the premises. Video surveillance systems provide constant eyes and ears throughout the entire facility. Whereas a security officer may do rounds through their shift, video surveillance monitors locations 24/7 without the need for bathroom breaks.

Do You Hire Outside Help?

Hiring outside help may put your facility at risk for theft. As a business owner, you always hope that the staff you hire are professional, productive, and trustworthy. Sadly, that is not always the case. Video surveillance systems not only work to catch dishonest and unreliable employees but may also prevent potentially untrustworthy employees from making poor choices simply by knowing they are being surveilled.

Do You Have Unwelcome Visitors? 

Perhaps your business has had to cope with its share of undesirable or unwelcome visitors. If this is a reality for your premises, the use of video surveillance will provide solid evidence of any criminal or harassing acts performed by any unsavory visitors. This is extremely useful if your business frequently finds itself at odds with the local community and is prone to protests or vandalism. Again, simply the act of placing cameras around the facility many times deters potential perpetrators before they commit an illegal act. Should a perpetrator follow through on their criminal scheme, the business owner or manager will immediately have on hand video evidence of the act which will help identify the person who committed the crime.

Did You Answer Yes to Any or All of These Questions?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, commercial video surveillance is for you. Invest in the protection of your business now by contacting a professional company that employs industry-certified technicians to help you navigate through the vast array of video surveillance options. For the Tampa Bay area, no company is more trusted than A Total Solution when it comes to intelligent video surveillance. With decades of experience in the industry and multiple certifications to back up that experience, the technicians at ATS will help you navigate through the multiple options available to your business. From camera types to location and from hard-wired to wires, ATS will provide solutions that not only meet your needs but also fall within any budget constraints.

Contact ATS today to start on the path of commercial video surveillance.