A Total Solution takes security and safety seriously.  So much so they based their entire business around providing top-notch safety and security services for the greater Tampa Bay area.  ATS wants to ensure that your home and your business are protected from all manner of intrusion or accident and, should the unthinkable happen, you have direct access to the people that can get you the help you need quickly.  Since their business has prioritized your safety, it is only natural that they pair their superior service with industry-leading systems powered by Bosch.

One of the Most Trusted Access Control Brands

The Bosch name is synonymous with superior quality security.  For over 100 years, Bosch has had their eye on the future.  From humble beginnings in southern Germany, Robert Bosch used his experience in mechanical and electrical engineering to develop his small automotive business into a global fixture, whose modern focus is integrated safety and security systems. Starting with the creation of their first emergency call center in Hamburg, Germany in 1920, Bosch has prioritized technology and innovation to create systems that exceed all expectations.  Safety and security have driven the company to seek out the right acquisitions and mergers that only improve the Bosch security branch and provide their next logical step forward in creating products to protect our families and businesses.  In 2001, with its acquisition of U.S. company, Detective Systems, Bosch gained a stronghold in the electronic security equipment theater.  Through further mergers and acquisitions from 2002 through 2010 allowed Bosch to gain a strong foothold in the development of video security and conferencing systems.  Bosch’s systems are top of the line in the security industry, and they have gained recognition by providing security for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Bosch is all about integration.  They provide a wide array of options for their access control hardware and software.  The clients are able to pick and choose what system features they prefer to meet their personal needs.  Bosch access control systems are suitable from family homes to small businesses to large corporations, even expanding to provide security for stadiums full of excited soccer fans.

Access control systems created by Bosch are well known for their innovative Business Integration Systems that have security within the security system.  Bosch utilizes video management software, full support of the fire and intrusion systems via the Business Integration System, and a final level of security in their Master Access Controller.  The Master Access Controller provides a backup plan in case of server failure.

Bosch’s Single Control Panel

Bosch security systems are fully integrated systems that allow you to manage your fire system, security system, and access control from one singular control panel.  Having this single system saves time and money for the home or business owner.  The keypads are equipped with visible status indicators, adjustable controls, and audible tones from the keypad that allow emergency services to locate the keypad and to alert residents and employees of the impending emergency.  The single control panel systems may operate with ethernet and/or cellular communications, providing two-way central station communication for constant monitoring.  There is even an option for a landline telephone communicator if the quality of internet or cellular service is an issue.  This option is beneficial for businesses or homes that do not wish to rely on wireless connections or cellular connections.  The single control panel may also be used with various wi-fi devices to create smart systems to manage air conditioning or lighting in the home or business.  While there is only one single control panel to monitor all of the alarms, you can also expand the service to provide notifications to your personal devices.  A business owner has the option to control access points, employee logins, lights, temperature, and alarms from the palm of his or her hand.   As with all integrated Bosch security systems, the features of the system and keypad are fully adjustable based on the owner’s priorities.  For businesses and homeowners who are operating under a strict budget, by entrusting their security system to Bosch, they can sleep at night knowing they have the best system their money can buy.  Bosch never skimps on quality, no matter how low the budget.

Bosch Security System
Bosch Security System

Security That Never Sleeps

Bosch wants to make sure you never go unprotected.  Full-day, full-year monitoring is key to ensuring your business and home are safe and secure at all possible times.  We can never know when an emergency will occur, but trusting Bosch and their third-party monitoring services is the best way to sleep peacefully.  A Total Solution is a proud installer and maintainer of Bosch security systems. ATS technicians are certified and are equipped with extensive experience at installing, maintaining, and repairing Bosch security systems to ensure you never go a moment without protection. Their certified technicians are fingerprinted and security screened to guarantee the quality of the person working on your security system.   Further, ATS also provides 24/7 central station monitoring.  Fires can break out at any time.  Thieves usually find it easier to invade homes and businesses when there are fewer people around.  Sometimes employees work late and have to walk to parking lots in the dark, unaware of attackers hiding in the shadows.  Nowadays, many families are caring for special needs family members, from parents and grandparents with Alzheimer’s to autistic children.  You cannot keep an eye on things all of the time by yourself.  With all of these pressures from the home and business, daily stresses can cause a problem for people who desperately need sleep.  Get the help you need with ATS.  With Bosch and ATS always on guard, you can rest easy knowing someone is looking out for you, no matter the time of day or day of the week.

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