In our rapidly changing society, CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a smart way to monitor your home and business and ensure you are meeting your personal security needs.  If you’ve ever watched a British crime drama, you have certainly heard the words, “Get the CCTV footage from the area.”   That is because CCTV not only acts as a crime deterrent and monitors activities carried out in front of the cameras, it also acts as a reliable evidence collector and record keeper of the activities near and around your home and/or place of business.  A professionally installed CCTV security camera system is a must for modern business owners.

CCTV Security Cameras for Businesses

The benefits of using CCTV security cameras for your business are multifold.  Business owners want to run a successful operation by distributing their services and products free from crime and other unethical behavior, as well as ensuring the productivity and safety of their employees.  CCTV systems allow business owners and security advisors to monitor the activities in employee work areas, parking lots, entryways and exits, as well loading docks or other important locations specific to your business needs.  Benefits of CCTV to business owners include:

  • Ensuring employees are being productive: Employees are inclined to increase their productivity if they are being monitored by surveillance cameras;
  • Watching over cash registers or tills: For small shops, clerks are not always able to be in the front of the shop.  Installing CCTV in a small shop allows the clerk or shopkeeper to manage inventory in storage while keeping an eye on the cash register;
  • Monitoring entryways and exits: This allows business owners to track everyone who enters and exits the business;
  • Monitoring parking lots: Keeping tabs on the parking lot provides a measure of protection for your employees, especially if they are working late at night or arriving early in the morning;
  • Ensuring your employees are operating ethically: No business owner wants to believe their employees are capable of being thieves, but the reality is that it does happen.  When questions arise regarding a missing product, you have the ease of CCTV tapes to give you the answers you need;
  • Having at hand evidence of criminal or unethical activity: Should the business suffer a loss due to theft or property damage, or other criminal activity, you have on hand evidence showing exactly how the theft took place or the damage occurred.  Providing the CCTV footage will help the police and investigators track down the culprits.  The video evidence will also allow you to see potential holes in your security and make the necessary changes to  ensure the unfortunate circumstances do not occur again; and
  • Providing peace of mind to the business owner: CCTV cameras are a known deterrent to criminal activity.  CCTV cameras have been known to cause potential criminals to think twice before acting.  Knowing your business is secure and your employees and products safe, as well as having the ability to check in on your business at any time will give you the freedom to focus attention on other aspects of business management.

The world of CCTV keeps expanding with the inclusion of infrared capabilities, email alerts, facial and/or voice recognition, motion detectors, and remote monitoring.  Advancements like these in the design and quality of CCTV security camera systems allow business owners to adapt the system to their needs.

Video surveillance
CCTV Video Surveillance

CCTV Remote Viewing

Business owners have options when it comes to how they monitor their CCTV security cameras.  Some businesses utilize a monitor board at the front of their office with paid security personnel.  Others choose to monitor their CCTV security cameras remotely.  Modern advancements in technology now allow CCTV footage to be viewed from computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  All you need is a DVR, the app, and wifi.  Not only can you monitor the cameras via live feed, but you will also have the ability to review the recorded footage and make copies of important footage remotely.  Also, depending on the system, DVRs will send emails of screenshots should any movement be detected.  Another highlight of remote surveillance and viewing is the ability of the system to automatically notify emergency services of criminal or emergency situations.

Setting up remote viewing for your CCTV security cameras can be tricky for those individuals who may not be particularly computer savvy.  Hiring a professional security technician to set up your system for remote viewing to ensure proper connectivity with your DVR through your internet router and private IP address will save you time in getting the system up and running properly and ensure your privacy within your network.

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