Fires are a hazard in all residential and commercial structures.  No location is ever 100% safe from fire.  Over the years, fire safety technology has improved to provide specialized safety and suppression systems for small commercial and residential facilities.  It is clear that the faster action is taken once a fire breaks out, the better the chances of saving lives and reducing damage.  As the workforce changes to adapt to the needs of employees and people leave their houses for apartment living or assisted living, the needs of the individual or business location shift as well.

The Basics of ALF Fire Safety

Fire sprinkler systems, however, get a head start on putting out the fire prior to the arrival of emergency services.  In the event of a faulty smoke detector or a rapidly progressing fire not allowing residents to be evacuated, many times a fire sprinkler system will be able to suppress the fire and clear an evacuation route out of the building.  Fire is unpredictable and having a system together that not only helps to suppress the fire but also aids in the reduction of smoke in the air will inevitably save lives.

Guardian G300-B

As small kitchens with stove tops have started appearing in small places like workplace break-rooms and dormitories, it is crucial that fire suppression systems evolve to benefit these smaller locations without breaking the bank.  The advent of the Guardian G300-B is one such evolution.  This handy device combines the alert mechanism of a fire detector with the effects of a fire extinguisher into one handy system to make fire warning and suppression a smooth, fast acting process. It is available for use in both electric and gas stoves.

The Guardian G300B is installed with a defined pre-set temperature that, when reached, causes the system to release the wet chemical compounds that mimic the effect of a fire extinguisher to suppress the fire before it has the chance to grow and get out of hand.  At the same time, the system triggers the alarm to alert everyone to the emergency situation for evacuation and emergency services purposes.

This system is also available with multiple options including remote alarms, a manual pull station, alarm/strobe assembly, and a recharge kit.  The remote alarm is essential for locations that may have thick cabinets or cabinets that may cause other issues with the decibels required to shutoff the power supply to the stove.  The remote alarm helps maintain high decibels needed to ensure power supply shut off.  The manual remote pull station is crucial for areas where local fire codes demand the capability.  As fire codes vary from state to state and county to county, it is imperative that all fire codes and ordinances are met to ensure the safety of workers and residents and to reduce liability to the facility owner.  The alarm/strobe assembly is helpful when there may be visual or gearing impaired individuals. This added safety precaution is vital for dormitories and assisted living facilities which may house large populations that potentially include a significant amount of vulnerable residents.  Once your system has released its extinguishing component, it needs to be recharged, preferably in a quick manner so as to not leave anyone open to risk.  One way to do this is to have on hand a fast and easy to use recharge kit.  Ensuring your system is working at optimal capacity is important to ensuring the safety of residents and/or workers, as well as reducing the devastating effects of fire.

The G300-B is a fast and easy to install system.  Even with its ease of installation and use, it is crucial to ensure the system is installed per manufacturer’s strict specifications.  Hiring a professional to manage fire safety and suppression protocols is always the right answer.  A Total Solution has the complete package for your fire safety needs.  Their technicians are proud to offer services from installation to maintenance, repairs and mandatory inspections.  ATS’ certified technicians are the competent and capable people you want working on your fire safety systems.

Fire suppression systems save lives.  Make sure you put your trust into a company with the experience and certifications required for the system you need. Protecting your property has been our job for over 30 years.  Contact us today to speak with a certified technician about the Guardian G300-B and other options available to you to meet your fire suppression needs.