A fire protection system is the first line of defense against the loss of property or employee injury and death for a business owner. Although the systems of today are more technologically advanced than ever before, they are also more complex in their mechanical and electronic components. All of these aspects must work harmoniously together to ensure that the system is working at its most effective level. This means that the ability of a business fire protection system to do its job is completely dependent on the quality of its maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

fire-protection-alarm-systemsFire protection equipment may be compared to an insurance policy – if you really need it, you’re going to be very happy that you have it. However, one missed inspection or deferred maintenance could result in a system that does not work when you need it the most. All too often, business owners let inspections of their fire protection systems slip through the cracks. Obviously, an improperly inspected and serviced fire protection system may not work during a fire, which may be absolutely detrimental to a business. These systems may even cause problems when there is not a fire, such as accidentally activated sprinklers and water damage.

If these aren’t enough to convince you to have your business fire protection system serviced regularly, here are four additional reasons:

  • Failure to meet local codes for regularly scheduled inspections may lead to the fire marshal pulling a building’s certificate of occupancy. This means a business could be shut down for 30 days or even longer, costing you profits and wasting time.
  • The fire system may cause false alarms. These annoying nuisances could cause the fire department to waste their time, could put other’s lives t risk, and may cause you to be plagued by hefty false alarm fines.
  • Many insurance companies offer a reduced premium for a properly installed, maintained, and inspected fire protection system. This reduced cost and savings may be enough to actually purchase a whole new system when the time comes.
  • Well-maintained buildings have a higher resale value and command higher rates of rent. Buyers and renters of these building typically have them inspected prior to the sale of occupancy to identify potential problems, including neglected or poorly maintained fire prevention systems.

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