Having a home security system installed may seem like a daunting task, but not installing one could prove to be a costly and dangerous mistake. Here are five reasons why you absolutely need to install or update an existing home security system as soon as possible:

1. Protect your home and family from intruders

The biggest reason any homeowner should seriously think about installing a home security system is for protection. According to a recent study conducted by Hakim and Blackstone, homes that do no have security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar or intruder. This study shows that the presence of an alarm system is enough protection to keep possible intruders from breaking in.

2. Included fire protection

Although the term “home security system only brings home intrusion scenarios to mind, they also provide additional protection for homeowners when there is a fire outbreak. Monitored alarm systems have the capability to not only warn the occupants of the home about the presence of smoke, but they also warn when sources of heat are detected and may contact the necessary authorities.

3. Constant Monitoring

One of the biggest benefits of having a monitored home security system is the peace of mind it creates knowing that it is being constantly monitored even when you are not there. Even with a home security system, leaving town can prove to be a nerve-wracking situation, but with a monitoring service there is always someone read to respond in an emergency situation. These high-tech systems are also triggered in the event of a house fire, carbon monoxide leak, intruder, or a natural disaster.

4. Save on homeowners insurance

While homeowners insurance is mandatory in most circumstances, the cost of this insurance varies depending on a number of important factors – and may prove to be quite expensive. Many insurance companies offer discounts on these rates for installing a home security system (which differ depending upon features of the system). Homeowners could receive as much as 20% discounted off their total insurance rate.

5. Remotely check on your home

Ever worry that someone is breaking into your house while you are away? A home security system may be remotely armed or disarmed, household lights to be turned off and on, change air conditioning, motion detectors to monitored, and many other remote access features.

We know exactly what kind of security system would go great in your home,  and we can monitor your home with equipment ranging from cameras to alarms, even through our Cloud and SMS systems. Call our technicians today, and stop worrying about the security of your home.