The silver screen can go a little overboard with the type of security that some high end, lucrative business buildings have. You see it all the time with the secret agents or thieves dusting for fingerprints for the proper codes to unlock certain doors that hold a company’s secrets.

biometric-blogWhile retinal scanners, (the little red light that checks your eyes to confirm you are who you say you are) sound a little ridiculous and could only exist in a James Bond film, they are most definitely real along with many other technologically advanced access control systems.

Thumb Readers

Thumbprint readers are most definitely real, and they make access control systems very useful. It is a verification process for identifying someone because every person has a unique print style.

There are three basic patterns of fingerprint ridges, which are the arch, the loop, and the whorl. Though each fingerprint is essentially different, it has been found that close family members have similar design patterns. But it is still easy to determine the differences, especially for an access control system that relies on a thumbprint to allow access to certain floors or buildings within a company. It’s all about protection.

Proximity Readers

This technology is often seen in many apartment complexes and government properties. It takes away from needing to physically swipe your card through a reader much like you would with a credit or debit card.

The basis of this technology is that proximity is key. The magnetic strip in a badge or keycard communicates to a radio receiver that can unlock certain access points that would otherwise be impossible to enter without that specified card. Each reader is on a frequency that is paired with each card, which can be useful for allowing the proper personnel to enter.

Retinal Readers

We couldn’t tease you with the James Bond line and not carry through with discussing this piece of technology. Retinal readers act much like a thumbprint reader in that it uses biometrics to analyze the unique patterns in the blood vessels of a person’s eye. This technology is highly reliable because no two people have the same retinal pattern.

Access control is very important because of what is behind certain doors, so retinal scanning is pretty much a sure-fire way to keep what is important tightly secured.

A Total Solution Inc. is fully capable of installing and maintaining the basic entry-level access points such as cameras and call boxes, to the highly advanced and sophisticated systems that were stated above.

ATS’s access control systems are easy use and easy to configure to already existing security systems to enhance the functionality. We like to design each system to a particular customer’s needs, and being able to monitor these systems is extremely important, especially since your business needs to be secure.

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