A truly effective commercial security system starts by protecting each and every entrance of your business or building. Ensuring that these access points are monitored can safeguard your property and employees from potential intruders and criminals.

It is important that the right equipment is installed at each door so that you can monitor every person that comes in and leaves your building. Here are a few tips and equipment recommendations for your protection:

  • Install Door Alarms – Monitored alarms can help keep doors secure after business hours by emitting a loud alert when the entrance is opened and deterring burglars. You should choose an alarm that features an accessible control panel so that the alarms can easily be turned off/on and settings can be changed. To get the most out of these alarms, they should be linked to your security system and monitored, so that an operator will dispatch emergency services and contact you should they be triggered.
  • Position Security Cameras – Make sure that there are security cameras positioned to cover each building entrance so that there is a record of who is entering and leaving your business. These cameras should be monitored by a professional monitoring service or stored in Cloud Video Hosting.
  • Consider an Access Control System – An access control system is a great way to control access to certain areas for designated employees. They would have to be granted access with an access card, biometric meter, intercoms, or by mean of another access product. These systems are a great way of monitoring and limiting who is able to enter and exit your building to give another layer of security.
  • Remote Security Control – The ability to remotely monitor and manage your security system can help you stay on top of the comings and goings of your building. It also allows you to operate the system from your mobile device or laptop from anywhere with internet access.

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