Do you know if your commercial building or facility will be protected in the event of a fire? You must not only ensure that you have the proper fire safety procedures in place, but also equip your building with the most updated and effective detection systems to alert your employees should a fire occur.

Here are the main types of fire detection systems available for your commercial building:

  • Automatic Systems – Automatic fire systems are triggered as soon as they sense smoke. One of the biggest benefits of this type of system is that they are activated whether or not there are people in the building, which means that your company will be protected 24/7 regardless of occupancy. The only real downfall of this type of system is that it can fail should a power outage occur. However, this can be prevented by having a high-quality backup battery installed in your facility.
  • Manual Systems – As the name would suggest, manual systems must be manually activated. This type of system has proven to be very reliable and does not delay if there is a fire. As soon as the system is triggered, an alert or alarm will sound to let building occupants know that there is a fire and attempt to stop the fire will occur (such as the triggering of a sprinkler system or alerting the authorities). The downside of this type of detection system is that someone must be present to manually activate the system. Thus, if the building is vacant, it will not be activated.
  • Combination Systems – Combination systems (a combination of a manual and automatic system) are arguably the best choice when it comes to protecting your commercial building or facility. They give users the best of both worlds by allowing the system to be manually triggered should a fire occur while the building is occupied, and will also automatically trigger should they sense smoke while the facility is vacant.

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