Businesses are targets for theft and vandalism.  Business owners also are required to rely upon their employees to act reasonably and responsibly in the absence of the owner.  As business owners can only be in one place at one time, it is important that they are able to oversee the safety and security of the business premises remotely.  One effective and efficient way to do that is through a surveillance camera system.

Reduce Theft

Growing up we are taught to love out neighbors and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  No one ever wants to be the target of theft.  Business owners work hard to ensure they provide great products and services and want to protect those investments from criminal behavior.  Many thieves prefer to conduct their criminal activity at night.  Being able to quickly identify perpetrators and provide the information to the police is the best way to ensure recovery of some, and potentially all, of the stolen items.  Surveillance camera systems not only work to efficiently provide the data needed to the police, they also act as a deterrent in many instances.

Reduce Vandalism

Vandalism is another common issue business owners have to contend with in the operation of their facility or facilities.  From broken windows to graffiti to even smashed security cameras, vandalism repairs take money out of the business owners’ pocket and away from the employees.  Surveillance camera systems work to reduce vandalism in much the same manner as they do for reducing theft.  Placing cameras in obvious places that may be easily seen by the vandals often makes them think twice and move locations.  However, some vandals are not as aware as others, or may not care if they are caught on video.  In these instances, business owners again are able to quickly identify and provide clear evidence of the criminal act to the police which lead to more arrests and aids prosecutors in ensuring they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Encourage Professional Behavior

Once the interview process is complete an employee is hired, a business owner has to surrender their trust to the employee, believing they are worthy of the trust and hopeful that no skeletons are hiding from their background checks.  Surveillance camera systems are a useful way to provide peace of mind to business owners who need to ensure employees are conducting themselves in a professional manner at all times.  When camera systems are placed in obvious places, such as near the till, at entrances and exits, or near computer network systems and other important locations throughout the business facility, business owners can check in on employees to ensure their attendance records are accurate, that they are not accessing areas of the facility for which they do not have permission, that they are not stealing money from the till, and that employees are conducting themselves professionally not only with clients but amongst each other.  Surveillance camera systems help reduce workplace theft and sexual harassment issues.  Having access to workplace video recordings will also prove beneficial in emergency situations.  Being able to access that content and turn it over immediately to the proper authorities will aid the business owner in reducing the damages attributed to the emergency situation.

A Total Solution has the experienced and certified technicians needed to ensure your surveillance camera system is properly installed and operating at optimal efficiency.  Our professional staff is available for emergency service for repairs to your systems.  ATS prides itself on being able to find the right security solutions for business owners within their budget constraints.  We provide full service installation, maintenance, repairs and inspections for most major brands of surveillance systems.  Should you prefer constant oversight of your surveillance system, ATS also provides 24/7 central monitoring to ensure your business is protected while you sleep.

Trust your security system needs to a company that has your safety at heart.  By hiring qualified technicians who are put through a series of rigorous certifications, A Total Solution is able to install, maintain, inspect, repair and upgrade all manner of security systems.  Contact us today for a free consultation!