It is incredibly important for businesses to schedule time for fire safety inspections. These life-saving inspections help ensure that all fire safety equipment is in proper working order and can help prevent potentially dangerous problems from happening – including fires themselves.

There are many benefits to having regular fire safety inspections, including checking for fire hazards. Here are a few other ways that inspections can help protect your commercial building or office:

  • Your current fire escape plan can be checked to ensure that is the most effective plan and updated issue.
  • Smoke alarms are inspected to make sure that they are in proper working order, as they play a key role in alerting building occupants of a fire and can keep the fire from spreading further.
  • Fire extinguishers are/can be checked during this time. These extinguishers are incredibly important, as they can keep smaller fires from spreading out or will eliminate the fire completely. Regular inspections ensure that they are in working order should the unthinkable happen.
  • Fire pumps are tested during the inspection process. Fire pumps provide the fire sprinkler system with water so they can extinguish a fire and are vital to the fire protection system.
  • Emergency exits and signs are also very important aspects of the fire safety systems. Professionals will inspect that signs are illuminated and access to exits is readily available. Emergency lights should also be inspected, as they help make the environment safer overall.
  • The fire sprinkler system is obviously a very essential part of the fire protection system. They will be thoroughly checked during the inspection to ensure that water can flow through the pipes, that the sprinkler heads can spray water to effectively control or eliminate the flames, and that every other aspect of the system is in working order.

Should there be an issue found during the fire safety inspection, your fire protection professionals can alert you of the problem and take care of it then and there. These inspections could save your life. To schedule your inspection, contact the fire safety professionals at A Total Solution, Inc. today!