In a world full of social and economic upheaval, businesses and homeowners are looking to invest in upgrading their security systems.  Be proactive.  Offensive video surveillance is the modern solution for staying on top of your business or home security needs.  Not only will a proper video surveillance system protect you from break-ins and theft, but it will also collect the evidence necessary to prosecute the criminal perpetrators.

Modern offensive video surveillance systems have the ability to keep you and law enforcement up to date with real-time alerts and notifications concerning any unauthorized visitors to your property.  Locating a quality technician in the Tampa Bay area to set up and manage this updated system allows you to outsource your security needs and keep tabs on the system when you choose to check-in.

Offensive Video Surveillance vs. Traditional Surveillance

Modern technology has provided some advanced upgrades to video surveillance systems which have enabled businesses and homeowners to take a more proactive approach to fulfill their security needs.  These new offensive video surveillance systems utilize their own secure IP addresses to receive, record, and store their surveillance recordings and can be placed anywhere there is an internet connection.  The footage picked up by the IP cameras may be stored at remote sites or on local devices.  No computer is necessary for the IP camera to operate, and the video feeds may be monitored remotely by trained operators who are able to assess whether a situation is suspicious or in need of intervention.  These operators then may alert local authorities to intervene on the situation before it has the opportunity to escalate.  Offensive video surveillance systems may include panic buttons to alert law enforcement of active situations or video verification of emergencies.  Cloud-based services provide the business owner the flexibility needed to run their business securely and remotely.

Typically, traditional video surveillance systems featured analog security cameras with cables that attached to a DVR.  While these traditional video surveillance systems allow businesses and homeowners to provide footage to the authorities after criminal incidents or property accidents occur.  This footage may help identify suspects, capture license plates, or capture the specifics of how a situation unfolded, it does not provide the owner of the system the opportunity to prevent to criminal act or accident from happening in the first place.  These systems offer no deterrent or prevention value other than the imposing presence of the security camera.

While the traditional video surveillance system may appear to the business or homeowner as a cost-effective solution to their security needs, the relief of knowing your business or home is safe and being monitored remotely for suspicious behavior, and that you are protected at all times may make that advanced offensive video surveillance system just as cost-effective.

Offensive Video Surveillance
Offensive Video Surveillance System

Other Benefits of Offensive Surveillance Systems

The benefits of offensive video surveillance are extensive and include:

  • Loss reduction: Business losses are reduced as crimes are prevented through remote monitoring.  Video surveillance has proven effective in thwarting vandals and thieves;
  • Increased response times: Operators are able to alert local authorities to crimes in progress and suspicious activity before the criminal act is completed;
  • Event documentation: The use of a cloud-based storage system with proactive video surveillance allows businesses and homeowners the opportunity to store more footage for a longer period of time.  A traditional video surveillance system will only allow as much footage as the DVR can store;
  • Employee safety and management: Employees will feel safer heading to the parking lot late at night or taking out the garbage in the dark knowing an operator is monitoring the vicinity for any suspicious activity.  These systems are also helpful in alerting owners of any employee misconduct;
  • Business analysis: Offensive video surveillance is also effective in gathering critical business data.  Business owners are able to review real-time statistics concerning the pros and cons of their store layouts, review register wait times, and count the number of people in their store at a given time.
  • Improved business operations: Having the ability to deter and prevent crime, while providing a safe location for employees all while being able to use real-time video to assess business productivity will certainly improve business operations.

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