From fires and natural disasters to break-ins, theft, and vandalism, businesses face a wide range of threats, dangers, and emergencies on an everyday basis. The best way to keep your organization from becoming the victim of one of these disasters is by having comprehensive fire protection and security systems installed. However, one of the most effective ways to enhance you overall protection is through the integration of these systems. This integration includes linking everything from smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems to security alarms and access control systems.

What are the benefits of integrating your fire protection systems and security systems?

  • Enhanced Protection – Integrating both types of system into one solution can help optimize overall functionality and performance, which means your people and property will be better protected. Emergency signals for both fire and security alarms will be sent to one monitoring center and can allow operators to quickly send the necessary emergency services to your location. Integration means that monitors will also be able to view and record suspicious incidents, activate escape routes in the event of a fire to support a safe evacuation, and lock down doors during a robbery.
  • Cost Efficiency – System integration can have a major impact on the overall operational and administrative costs with only one central monitoring company handling both systems from a single station. This also means that just one company will be able to handle all of the necessary system inspections, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Ease of Use – Operating both your fire protection system and security system as one single system is a much simpler task for the business owners than managing them individually. Having access to all systems at once also means that you will have many different tools available at one time.
  • Quicker Response Times – During a fire, emergency response times can be the difference between life and death. With an integrated system, multiple tools can be used to confirm there is an emergency situation going on and can help authorities prepare for the situation before they even arrive on-scene.

Have you fully integrated all of your security systems and fire protection systems? At A Total Solution, Inc., we live by our motto of “One Call Does It All,” and are proud to offer both security and fire protection services as one integrated solution. Contact our experts today to learn more!