Many industries are employing central station security monitoring to provide flexible and effective security services for their businesses.  Central station security monitoring companies keep tabs on all alarm systems, including burglar and fire alarms, as well as door openings/closings, sprinkler system alarms, and temperature alarms. Specially trained technicians monitor alarm systems and installed control panels 24/7, and in the event an alarm is triggered, the technician will take the required steps to alert local authorities, emergency services, business owners, or credentialed employees of any imminent danger.    Central station security monitoring companies operate under strict standards requiring a service contract outlining all requirements and responsibilities, and some may even require proper permits to use.

Difference Between Local Alarms and Remote Security Monitoring

There are distinct differences between local alarms and remote security monitoring in both monitoring quality and effectiveness.  Local alarms typically utilize loud sirens and flashing lights to alert anyone in the vicinity of the current danger.  These alarms are not tethered to an alarm company and will not immediately alert emergency services.  This can lead to severe consequences, including the devastating loss of property or even loss of life if nobody is at the property or conscious enough to hear the siren or see the flashing lights.  Local alarms provide merely basic protection in the event of an emergency.

Central station security monitoring, however, provides business owners peace of mind when they are away from their store or office.  Central station monitoring provides 24/7 coverage to commercial businesses and private homes in the event an alarm is triggered.  That alarm alerts a trained technician that there is an issue.  The technician will then attempt to contact the business or homeowner, or proper person identified in the contact list.  These alerts may come via telephone call or text message.  Should the owner or contact person not be available, the central station security monitoring technician will contact the appropriate emergency services to address the situation.  Many systems even utilize technology that supports cellular networks in the event a telephone line has been cut.

Central Station Security Monitoring
Central Station Security Monitoring

Which Solution is Right for Your Business

It is important to consider all options when making decisions for your business. Central station security monitoring is a great option for business owners who want to ensure their investments are fully protected with 24/7 monitoring.  That full protection, of course, comes at a cost for the initial setup costs as well as the monthly payments for continued remote monitoring. Central station security monitoring equipment is good for people who are away from the office for extended periods or travel frequently and wish to ensure someone is looking out for the business premises in case of an emergency or critical situation.  Many insurance companies offer incentives associated with central alarm monitoring, especially with fire protection. It is critical that you contract with a certified and reputable central station security monitoring company to ensure proper monitoring and to avoid false alarms filed with local emergency services.  In some instances, with frequent false alarms, emergency services will levy hefty fines on business owners.

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