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Fire Protection for Educational and Government Buildings

Do you know if your fire protection systems are up to date and within all necessary fire codes? When was the last time that your fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems were inspected? Do you know if these life-saving systems require any maintenance? As a government or educational building manager, you simply do not have the time to worry about these systems. Instead, let the experts at A Total Solution, Inc. manage, inspect, maintain, and monitor your fire protection systems.

From libraries and courthouses to municipal buildings and post offices, A Total Solution, Inc. offers commercial fire protection services for all government buildings at a local, county, state, and federal level. Our team understands the unique life and property safety demands of government and educational facilities and we work diligently to guarantee that all systems are in proper working order within all required fire codes at all times. As a proud leader in fire protection systems and services, we install, inspect, maintain, and offer repairs and emergency services for all aspects of your fire protection systems. To learn more about our fire protection systems and services for government and education buildings, click here.

Our comprehensive fire protection services and systems include:

Security Systems for Government and Education Buildings

Is your government or educational building safe and secure at all times? Are you confident in your existing security system? Are all of your entrances and exits monitored and controlled? Don’t leave the security of your building up to chance. Contact the professionals at A Total Solution, Inc. today for all of your commercial security system needs.

In terms of security, government and educational buildings must enforce strict policies and corresponding systems to ensure their people, property, and data are protected at all times. Controlling access to a government building and its assets is absolutely critical in creating a safe environment. Schools and other educational facilities must also take extra precautions to keep students and teachers well protected from any possible threats.

From access control systems, burglar alarm systems, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and other vital security systems, A Total Solution, Inc. can help keep your educational or government building and its occupants safe and secure at all times. We will work with you to create a security system that meets all of your needs and adheres to all necessary codes and regulations.

The security experts at A Total Solution, Inc. are proud to offer many different security systems and services to meet your unique needs, including:

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Bosch Security Systems

Learn how a Bosch Security System can help improve the security of your government or education building. Contact A Total Solution, Inc. for more information.