Fire Protection for Residential and Assembly Properties

Are the fire protection systems in your residential or assembly property up to code and in proper working order? Do you know when your last fire inspection occurred? Are your fire alarms working and prepared to alert occupants of possible danger? Don’t let a fire totally devastate your residential or assembly property and cause a loss of life. Contact the fire protection experts at A Total Solution, Inc. before it is too late.

Fires can unfortunately strike just about anywhere, including buildings, structures, cars, and in the outdoors. However, fires that occur in the home are some of the more devastating – and the most preventable. In fact, over 75-percent of all civilian fire fatalities actually occur in homes and residential buildings, including high-rises, apartment buildings, condominiums, as well as custom and single family homes.

Assembly buildings also take particular fire protection care. Generally defined as buildings whose occupancy is used for a gathering of 50 or more people for uses such as worship, entertainment, dining, or other uses, fires in assembly buildings have shown to be some of the most deadly when the necessary systems, features, monitoring, and constructions are not present.

As a foremost expert in the field of fire protection, A Total Solutions, Inc. has technical expertise and years of experience in the design and installation, maintenance, and monitoring of life-saving fire systems for residential and assembly buildings. Our experienced professionals are trained and certified in the unique code requirements for the installation of fire protection systems, such as fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and fire extinguishers, for these types of residential buildings. Our goal as a company is to provide you with the safest, most cost-effective solution for all of your fire protection needs. To find out more about our fire protection services, click here.

Residential and Assembly Property Security Systems

How confident are you in the security of your property? Do you feel sure that your property is protected when you are both in the building and away? With professionally installed security systems from A Total Solution, Inc., you can rest assured that your building and occupants are protected at all times.

Home may be where the heart is, but it is also the place where criminals are looking to break in. Residential security systems can help homeowners, building owners, and occupants feel safe while they are both away and at home. Assembly buildings, such as churches, auditoriums, nightclubs, and assembly halls, are also especially vulnerable to break-ins and attractive to criminals.

The best way to protect both home occupants and property in residential and assembly buildings is with a security system from the professionals at A Total Solution, Inc. Our security professionals will work with you to identify building weak points and design a security system that meets all of your needs as a cost-effective solution.

Building and homeowners can rest assured that their properties are protected with fully integrated security and access control in one single control panel. ATS is proud to offer world-renowned Honeywell Vista and Bosch Security Systems. Click here to learn more about our security system services.

To find out how A Total Solution, Inc. can help protect your residential or assembly building, contact us today!