Custom Fire Sprinkler Systems for Your Business

Having a fire sprinkler system installed is without a doubt one of the most important, life-saving things that your company can do to protect your employees and property. At A Total Solution, Inc., we are proud to provide fire sprinkler system design, installation, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, and emergency services. We also specialize in complete system integration, no matter the complexity.

Fire Sprinkler Installation and Design: Systems to Fit Your Needs

The experienced technicians at A Total Solution, Inc. will design and install a fire sprinkler system that is unique to the specific needs of your company and building. Our systems are designed for long-term value that meets the fire requirements at the city, county, federal, and NFPA levels of requirements. From wet to dry, ATS installs a wide range of fire sprinkler systems in both new construction and retrofit projects.

A Total Solution, Inc. is also proud to have a standing relationship with well-respected banks and financial companies, such as Navitas Leasing and First Citrus Bank, to help our customers through the purchasing process.

Retrofitting: Bringing Systems Up to Code

We understand that installing an entirely new fire sprinkler system is sometimes just not a feasible option. Unfortunately, ever-changing buildings and fire codes mean that your fire sprinkler system will be outdated at some point. With cost-effectiveness in mind, ATS is able to retrofit older or existing systems with new parts to bring them up to all necessary code and safety requirements. We are also able to find the parts for older systems that other companies may have recommended fully replacing, saving you money and time.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs

A speedy response from a fire sprinkler system that is well maintained can slow or contain the progress of an otherwise devastating fire while saving lives and money in property damage. The NICET-certified technicians at ATS are available for the routine and regular maintenance of your fire sprinkler systems. Following the stringent guidelines set forth by the Florida Statutes, our technicians are able to inspect and repair your fire sprinkler system to ensure that they are in proper working order at all times. Our technicians are also available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.

Don’t wait until an emergency occurs to find out if your company is protected. Contact the fire sprinkler system experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today to learn more about our services.

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