Healthcare Facility Fire Protection

Did you know that an approximately 1,200 fires occurred in healthcare facilities per year from 2009-2013 in the United States? Could your facility be next? As the busy manager of a healthcare facility, do you have time to worry about the possibility of a fire? Let the experts at A Total Solution, Inc. install, inspect, maintain, and manage all aspects of your fire protection systems.

Your valuable time should be spent attending to a thousand other tasks rather than having to worry if your facility is truly protected against the threat of a fire. However, fire protection is one of the most significant and high-pressure aspects of managing a healthcare facility. From hospitals and hospices to rehabilitation facilities, every single healthcare fire protection precaution must be taken to ensure that safety is the number one priority at all times, as the people occupying these buildings are typically sick, disabled, or the elderly.

With special concerns in place for the occupants’ mobility levels and ability to respond to fire alarm signals on their own accord, it is important that fire protection systems are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated so that the possibility of a fire emergency occurring that requires a full evacuation of the occupants is as minimized as possible. Facilities must not only provide this reliable protection for patients, but must also adhere to the strict standards and requirements set forth by the NFPA, HIPAA, Florida Statutes, ACHA, JCAHO, and other regulatory organizations.

Security Systems for Healthcare Facilities

How secure is your healthcare facility? Is it possible that there are unprotected areas? How devastated would your facility be if a massive theft occurred? Don’t leave these factors to chance. Contact the security system experts at A Total Solution, Inc. before it is too late.

Today more than ever, hospitals and healthcare facilities need more protection. The mere nature your business poses unique security challenges that can leave you vulnerable to internal misuse, theft, and a wide array of other security issues. With high-value medical equipment, pharmaceutical inventory, and sensitive medical records, your organization must make security a top priority to protect employees, patient, and occupants. Securing a healthcare facility can be a unique challenge as well, due to 24/7 access, multiple entrances, and physically restricted areas in addition to the new virtual threats to patient data.

The A Total Solution, Inc. Difference

A Total Solution, Inc. makes it our mission to offer our healthcare facility clients a comprehensive and holistic approach to critical fire protection and security systems. We understand that you have many guidelines that to follow, but must also take the particular needs of your distinct facility into account. ATS is proud to offer expertise in these areas to help manage risk in your facilities while enhancing overall safety levels.

With a focus on achieving compliance with all applicable regulations, improving patient safety and care, and reducing costs, A Total Solution, Inc. offers scalable fire protection systems, security systems, maintenance and inspections, and system monitoring. These systems include:

Our clients take comfort in knowing that their facilities, employees, occupants, and data are all protected due to our experience and know-how of the specific needs of this industry. With our superior knowledge of NFPA codes and Florida statutes, our team is prepared to work with you to prevent issues, such as shutdown over compliance or licensing issues. In terms of virtual protection, we also have on-staff information technology professionals to work with your internal IT department to make sure that all system integrations are seamless. Additionally, we will work with you to save you time and money instead of charging large costs up front.

Would you like to ensure that your healthcare facility is full protected? Contact the experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today for a free consultation at 727-474-1670.