Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Maintenance

A Total Solution, Inc. (ATS) services the majority of commercial fire alarm systems. In fact, ATS’s technicians have the capability to service 79% of all life safety and security brands on the market today. ATS proudly services fire alarm brands such as Vigilant, Silent Knight, Edwards, EST, Bosch, Siemens, Simplex, Notifier, Detection Systems, and Faraday.

Fire Alarm Inspections

ATS’s technicians are NICET certified and have been actively working in the life safety and critical systems industry for an average of 10 years. ATS’s fire alarm inspections follow the stringent guidelines set forth in the Florida Statutes, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72, and local county requirements.

Fire Alarm Installations

ATS’s fire alarm products are designed for long-term value. A proud provider of systems with highly regarded names such as United Technologies, Edwards, and Vigilant, ATS will save you time and money. Our product line offers an optical chamber replacement (smoke detector filter), a huge advantage given that typical optical chambers become contaminated under normal use. The bottom line is several hundred dollars of savings in materials and labor.

tampa-fire-alarmFire Alarm Monitoring

ATS utilizes the latest technology to 24-hour monitor your fire alarm system. Our contracted central station is UL Listed and has the capability to configure dialers utilizing copper phone lines, cellular communications, or the internet to insure redundant signal transmissions.

Fire Alarm Repairs

ATS’s product line minimizes a technician’s time spent on a service call after the factory warranty has ended.

Fast diagnosis of ground faults – In Florida, ground faults are caused by an accidental grounding of the positive or negative cable on a fire alarm circuit. Florida’s humidity and lightning surges create the majority of ground faults. ATS is proud to install brands such as Vigilant whose products make it easy to isolate ground faults between devices, whereas other fire alarm systems can require hours of service to diagnose ground faults.

Simplified troubleshooting and repairs with remote diagnostics – ATS technicians are equipped with remote software diagnostics tools to discover why the fire alarm system is malfunctioning prior to visiting the site. Remote diagnostic tools gives the technician the ability to understand what parts may be required for the repair prior to driving to the site!

Fire Alarm Emergency Service

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ATS technicians are equipped and ready to service your fire alarm system. ATS’s employees are NICET, FASA/BASA, and factory certified to handle most fire alarm system trouble and alarm conditions.

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