Pro-Active Security System

Real Time Surveillance Monitoring & Business Intelligence Solutions

Security Guards Working In Surveillance RoomWould you like a security system that identifies a threat before they break into your facility?  We have developed a real time intelligent security system that notifies our team, your team and if you choose the authorities when a threat approaches your business.  We actively engage with the potential threat in real time, provide footage to the authorities and in most cases prevent theft.  In these uncertain times it is nice having A Total Solution on your side. A Total Solution’s intelligent video systems not only offer proactive security, we are part of your business’s integrated solution.

We solve your security issues in real-time and provide meaningful and actionable business intelligence.


While providing active video surveillance, we also provide business solutions:

  • Collecting Data – register wait times, isle traffic, people counting
  • Where are your customers flow throughout the store?
  • When shrink occurs; where did they come from? Where did they exit?
  • Confirming the Success of Store Layout, visual customer in store flow analytics
  • Preventing Theft, ex. loitering in an isle; In-store alerts via text message to team members
  • Improve Business Analytics: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.

A Total Solution’s intelligent surveillance cameras are not your standard camera system that simply delivers a video feed. We provide an intelligent solution for what matters to you. If a person is detected in remote and restricted areas, our system has the ability notify you or law enforcement immediately – the problem with retrieving a video feed hours or days after an event happened can be eliminated. Notifications of various events happening within the workspace such as deliveries at loading docks or customer issues within the store can be addressed in real time. We pride ourselves in being the first to alert you of what is happening within or around your business while it is occurring, not after.

  • Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring – Notify police prior to the intrusion
  • Interior Intrusion Monitoring – No burglar alarm required, Video system does both
  • Video Verification of Panic Situations (shooters, fires, etc.)
  • Alerting Owners of Employee Misconduct
  • Video Verification during an intrusion event
  • Panic Button to Notify Law Enforcement of Active Shooter Locations
  • Monitoring Operator Works With 911 Dispatcher and Discloses Intruder Location

Our business intelligence solution has disrupted the video surveillance industry due to real-time proactive security and changing how owners handle their business analytics. At the same time providing business owners with a sense of ease and peace of mind when it comes to their business’ security.

In-store analytics can offer standard video recording and also mapping of customer traffic within a store. Allowing for strategic product placement, customer movement analysis, and alerts for long waiting lines. We make it easy for owners to determine the right way to influence their customers and increase their sales. This will help you improve the store layout, employee productivity and own the ability to intelligently project all-around sale increases. Find your perfect fit with A Total Solution’s intelligent video camera systems and let our systems work for you.

The benefits of cloud based video surveillance

Active Video Surveillance technician, hard at work