Regardless of the expense or limited square footage of your house, or even how gated your community might be, your house is your home. Being at home is where we should feel most comfortable, where we can kick off our shoes, curl up with the dog, and gulp down popcorn on family movie night.

remote-security-controlProtecting your loved ones and what you have worked hard to accomplish should not be able to be taken from you in a blink of an eye. The hard reality is that it can if you are not protected.

Home security is not something that should be taken for granted. You can scoff at the idea because you live in nice neighborhood, or think that what you have in your home is not worth taking so you are in the clear. Like with anything, whatever can happen will happen, and that’s not something to risk.

According to the FBI, in 2013 there were over 1.9 million residential break ins, with a burglary happening once every fifteen seconds. The estimated loss during each break in is close to $2500.

Why Is Our Home Security Solution Better Than Others?

The most important aspect of the home security systems are the quick response capabilities of the products that we can install. If an intruder does end up breaking a window while your family is fast asleep, or perhaps you burn the hamburger meat on taco night, you want someone to respond accordingly and as quickly as possible.

No matter which home security system you choose to have installed, A Total Solution, Inc. has dedicated staff to monitor your home constantly. An interesting feature that ATS is implementing is the latest in 24-hour monitoring technology.

Using Internet protocol, or IP, is an alternative way to monitor and quickly respond to an alert without using an extra phone line. Not needing the extra line is exceptionally beneficial. This reduces the liability issue of an intruder attempting to cut your phone lines so your home security system cannot contact the proper authorities or a branch falling on the lines during a storm and leaving your home completely defenseless. This service also saves you approximately $45 per month because there is no need for an extra phone line.

Additionally, the use of IP to transmit the systems signals eliminates possible weather interference (remember we do live in the “lightning capital of the world.”) These secure IP communication signals are also transmitted several times an hour.

Whereas the use of phone line monitoring only sends signal once every 24 hours. This new technology will leave your family with the highest grade security and protection against all types of dangers that may happen within your home.

We pride ourselves in the reliability of our customer service and being up to date with new home security technologies is how we do this. With our technicians being NICET, FASA/BASA, and factory certified, we can ensure complete customer satisfaction and safety in the management of your security and alarm systems.

Contact our experts at A Total Solution Inc. to see which system and services are right for your home and family.