As global pandemics and civil unrest take center stage in media outlets, personal and business safety and security precautions are becoming more of a priority than in times past.  Fortunately, as we’ve seen technology expand in a wide variety of industries, security technology has expanded exponentially as well.  The options now available for business owners and homeowners are far removed from the days of locks and keys to allow them to have complete control over who may gain access to which part of their facility or home and when.  Access control is now at the forefront of the security service industry.

What is Access Control

Simply stated, access control is the ability to manage and supervise who has access to what parts, if any, of your business or home. Access control also exists for your computer networks. Maintaining access control is typically used for physical locations, such as homes, offices, school campuses, hospitals, and the like.  It is also used for regulating access to computer systems and data.  Security technology like access control systems is vital in protecting your space as well as personal and corporate data.  Many access control systems utilize central monitoring to take the onus off of the owners and/or managers and allow for 24/7 monitoring.  Central station monitoring of access control systems allows constant protection in the case of emergencies and provides business owners significant relief in knowing they can relax because someone else is always watching over their assets.

Keeping assets safe and secure is paramount to maintaining a successful business.  This includes the most valuable asset, the employees.  Beyond providing a system for monitoring the movement of employees or contractors and visitors to the facilities, access control eliminates the need for keys, allowing employees to move from facility to facility without the need for separate keys or visitors from having to wait to check-in at the main desk for a visitor tag before proceeding to their destination.  For employees who may need to work non-standard hours, access control systems allow employees to access the necessary portion of the facilities in those off-hours without the need for a key or help from a manager.  With many people still working from home due to the pandemic, many offices are still closed during normal business hours.  Access control systems allow employees who require certain supplies to stop at the office, pick up what they need and then return home, without the need to have a manager or supervisor on-site to provide access.  Plus, should those supplies disappear faster than normal, the security service will have the details of everyone who has entered that particular portion of the facility for investigation.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems come in all shapes and sizes and may be upgraded to integrate with multiple other security and business platforms to make life that much easier for business owners and managers. From cloud-based security technology to mobile access control and biometric technology, the security world has an option that will meet any business needs.

Cloud-based security systems allow the user to adapt the system to the immediate needs of the business.  For instance, should an employee need to be fired, the access control system can be immediately modified to remove access from the terminated employee ensuring they will no longer have access to your secure facility? Cloud-based systems also allow for immediate upgrading based on security flaws or issues, much like your regular computer systems.  Once an issue has been detected, security updates can be downloaded and accesses immediately, instead of waiting for a technician to come out and adjust the system as needed.  Cloud-based systems utilize remote servers that can be accessed anywhere using a variety of electronic devices.  One great benefit to the cloud-based system with its remote server is that in the off chance a security event occurs, all of the data is stored off-site and may be used for investigative purposes, whereas access control systems that remain on-site may be damaged during security events.

Mobile access control has become a hot topic in 2021.  This security service allows users to use their smartphones and other wearable electronic devices to verify identification and allow access to facilities.  As most of the population utilizes a smartphone of some sort, this system eliminates the need for separate badges or keys to access the office.  Users would need to download an app for their system and would use the app to gain access to the office or facility.  Since most people have their smartphones on them at all relevant times, this reduces waste and time searching for the right key.

Biometrics is a third type of security technology used for access control systems.  Fingerprint readers, iris scanning, and facial recognition are some of the primary types of biometrics used.  These systems are rather expensive to implement when compared to cloud-based systems, however, they do offer the opportunity to provide access control to a population wearing masks and other protective equipment during the pandemic.  The challenges surrounding the global pandemic in 2020 and 2021 have increased the demand for touchless systems through the use of iris scanning and facial recognition.  These touchless systems help coax back those employees who are hesitant to return to the office by eliminating one point of contact that is utilized by most employees.  With the obstacles facing hospitals and businesses requiring protective gear, biometric systems allow business owners to provide access control while still guaranteeing the safety of their employees.

Access Control
Access Control Systems from A Total Solution

Access Control with ATS

If you are searching for an access control provider in the Tampa Bay area, look no further than A Total Solution.  With twenty-five years of experience under their belt, ATS has seen and been an integral part of the explosive expansion of access control in the Tampa Bay security community.  Their technicians are not only experienced in the installation, maintenance, and repair of industry-leading access control systems, ATS also provides constant and efficient access control monitoring to ensure your home or business is protected 24/7.  ATS’ certified technicians are skilled in the installation of access control technology from keypads to thumb readers to retinal readers.   They are able to advise clients on the latest security technology that would work best within their systems, integrate any additional platforms to increase business productivity, work to ensure all federal, state, and local regulations are met, and keep it all within the prescribed budget.

ATS is ready to work with you on your access control needs.  Contact us today to speak with an expert technician.