What do you need to consider before having an access control system installed? You must analyze the individual needs of your business so that you can maximize security levels while also keeping within other factors, such as industry regulations.

Remember to take the following questions into consideration when making your access control system purchase:

  • Who needs access to your facility? – The effectiveness of an access control system depends on the access needs of your building. Are cleaning crews or maintenance workers coming in after closing? Do you have a lot of after-hours deliveries? You must consider the amount of temporary access given to your building so that you can make sure the system is capable of allowing specific individuals access.
  • Will you need mobile access? – As a business owner, you will inevitably need remote access to your system. Most access control systems are optimized for mobile nowadays, but make sure that your system has this feature so that you will have more flexibility.
  • How many locations do you have? – Access control systems can monitor multiple locations at the same time, but this may create a higher chance for issues. If you are looking to secure many different areas with the one system, you will need one with more high-end monitoring.
  • What kind of reporting capabilities does the system have? – Decide on the kind of reports that you would like to receive from your system. Most access control systems are able to generate real-time, standard, and custom reports. You should be able to run a report quickly and with ease whenever you desire.
  • Do you need to have integrated wireless locks? – With their convenience, security, and flexibility, wireless locks have become very popular options in commercial facilities. Many business owners have integrated these locks within their access control systems to keep their facilities as secure as possible.
  • Who will service the system? – To keep your business secure at all times, your access control system will require regular maintenance. It is best to purchase your system from a company that you can trust to keep your company safe.

At A Total Solution, Inc., we offer access control system installation, maintenance, monitoring, repairs, and even 24-hour emergency service. You can count on our team of security experts to ensure that your system is kept in perfect working order at all times. Contact us today to learn more about our access control system services!