Business Owners and Fire ProtectionNo matter what kind of business or commercial building that you manage, it is of the utmost importance that the safety of your employees is put first with well-maintained fire protection services. Fires are devastating and tragic events that could cause fatalities and serious damage to your company’s facility and property.

With the New Year quickly approaching, it is important that you remember to keep these four questions in mind when scheduling and assessing your fire protection:

  1. Do you have the proper emergency plans in place and clearly visible for all employees? – Do you and your employees know where to go and what to do should a fire occur? Are they trained to use the fire extinguisher properly? Do they know when they should use them?
  2. Have your fire risks been assessed? – Although some businesses are at a lesser risk for a fire than others, there are no businesses or buildings that have none. All buildings should have routine and annual fire inspections to assess the risks and fire protection systems that are in place to handle said risks.
  3. Does your building or office have the correct fire protection systems installed? – Full fire protection systems include fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and many other vital factors that help keep your employees and property safe from destruction. Do you know if your business is fully up to code and fitted with all of the necessary equipment? There are many industries that may require additional fire protection features. For example, industries that work with machinery that may be prone to overheating or those that work with flammable chemicals/substances require a uniquely catered system.
  4. Have you scheduled your routine inspections? – No matter what kind of fire protection system that you have in place, it needs to be inspected and checked on a routine schedule to ensure that it is always in proper working order. You’ll be glad that you had these systems checked should the need for them ever occur.

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