An access management system (AMS) used to be a way to exert some control over entry points in a facility. They had a few bells and whistles, but were ultimately complicated, inefficient, and inflexible.

Today, modern times call for modern solutions. A comprehensive AMS needs to safeguard sensitive areas, adapt to a variety of emergency scenarios, handle all different types of visitors and provide a simple interface for users and guests. And it all needs to be done with a focus on data protection and scalability as needs change.

The Bosch Access Management System accomplishes all of these tasks and more. With a modern approach to access control that includes a streamlined onboarding system for new employees, an easy-to-use visitor management system, and an operator-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), the new AMS maintains situational awareness while adapting to changes in real-time.

With Bosch AMS, security and simplicity are prominent features in every aspect of access control. A centralized overview allows for an enhanced level of authorization management that is easy to use for both operators and visitors. Control panels allow quick arming and disarming of alarms, as well as camera-triggering protocols and door access management. Your sensitive materials are secure, your employees are secure, your visitors are secure, and your data is secure with modern encryption and authentication.

Your investment in access control is secured as well, with a system built for scalability. Your service package can change with your needs, ensuring you won’t outgrow your ability to maintain successful access management. You can customize up to 15 different threat-level scenarios, control up to 10,000 doors, manage up to 200,000 cardholders (up to five cards per person) and create up to 400 separate divisions for more precise data interpretation. A building owner can invest in just one access control system, and multiple companies in the same location can take advantage of its benefits while only accessing information related to its respective areas. Each tenant has the flexibility of their own settings preferences, ensuring the experience is optimal for each business and its employees. And while reliability is a cornerstone of Bosch AMS, intelligent failsafes mean that even server downtime won’t impact users’ ability to enter and exit the location.

Finally, enhanced video integration allows for a deeper level of security outside, while access authorizations and comprehensive security settings protect data inside. In all cases, data storage can comply with company protocols while offering a modern ability to control access and adjust those controls as necessary.

Having an out-of-date access control system is almost as dangerous as not having one at all. The Bosch AMS is a state-of-the-art solution that blends simplicity and scalability, allowing for dynamic control and modern data protection while improving the experience for employees and visitors.

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