Did you know that October is actually Fire Prevention Month? During this time, public service departments from across the United States join together to help increase awareness about fire safety.

While everyone should know the basics about fire prevention, business and building owners should be especially well-informed on the subject as they are responsible for the people and property inside. In addition to general prevention techniques, it is also very important that a response plan is put into place so that building occupants know exactly where to go and what to do in the event of a fire.

Fire Prevention Month is the ideal time to make sure that all of your building occupants or employees know what to do if a fire ever breaks out. By having a plan in place and training occupants, building owners can rest assured that should a fire ever occur, it will be dealt with as safely and efficiently as humanly possible. When busfiness and building owners are developing their plans, it is important to remember the following questions:

  • Which conditions should designate an evacuation?
  • Are fire extinguishers clearly labeled and accessible?
  • Do all occupants know where the emergency exits are located and where they should evacuate to?
  • Are building occupants aware of possible fire hazards and how they can avoid them?

In addition to planning for potential scenarios, building owners should also use October as a reminder to have all necessary inspections and testing done for their fire protection systems. According to a study completed by the United States Department of Labor, over 40-percent of companies that experience a disaster, such as a fire, never actually reopen. Should they eventually reopen, 25-percent of these companies close within approximately two years.

One of the best ways to protect your business from potential devastation is to make sure that all monthly and annual tests are regularly conducted. As business or building owner, this will help you rest assured that your building and occupants are protected.

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