The only way for your fire protection systems to stay in proper working order is by ensuring that the necessary maintenance and inspections are routinely done. As a business  or building owner, this typically falls on your shoulders. These systems are the things that will give your employees and building occupants enough time to safely evacuate – and could help you avoid a massive disaster.

Here are just a few things that building and business owners should keep in mind in regards to the proper maintenance, inspections, and testing of their commercial fire protection systems.

  • Understand how your fire protection systems work. – Do you know the difference between two different signals? Do you know which button should you press? Business and building owners should understand their fire protection and fire alarm systems so that they can make sure they are using them correctly. By understanding the system, you will be able to notify your fire protection professionals should something stop working.
  • Take full responsibility for your systems. – Fire alarm and fire protection systems are regularly overlooked and forgotten about. This means that they may not be in proper working order when you need them most. By taking responsibility for these systems, you can take proactive action with routine testing, maintenance, and inspections to protect your employees and property.
  • Take the time to train all staff members and employees. – All building occupants should know how to use the fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, and any other applicable fire protection systems. Everyone should know what to do if a fire occurs, where they should go to evacuate, and where all of the fire exits are located.
  • Make fire prevention a top priority in the office or building. Again, being proactive about potential fire hazards could save lives in the long-run. Ensure that your building is free of any unnecessary clutter, as keeping extra materials around is leaving fuel out for a fire. If possible, try to reduce the amount of paper and flammable products kept around the office. Also, regularly check that all fire exits and fire extinguishers are clearly labeled and accessible at all times.

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