Used in commercial fire protection since the late nineteenth century, fire sprinkler systems were a major breakthrough and life-saver for a time where fires were much more devastating than they are today. These systems helped put out fires in buildings that were built with building materials that are not nearly as fire resistant as the ones of today are. Along with improved building materials, more modern designs, and life and safety emergency services, fire sprinkler systems have also drastically improved since their invention. While most modern buildings of today are able to resist the spread of fire, it is likely that when you look up, you will still see a sprinkler system in the roof above.

Fire Sprinkler SystemsWe know that these systems save lives and property, but how exactly do they work?

First, we must overcome an all too common misconception that fire sprinkler systems are triggered by smoke like on TV or in the movies. This is not true. These systems are triggered when the sense the heat put off by a fire and then begin to spray water. Some are also connected directly to emergency fire and rescue services to ensure a timely response if you are unable to contact them yourself.

These sprinkler systems are designed to suppress and control a fire, but they must also take water damage into account. As most fires begin small and in one area, then spread to the surrounding areas, the systems must be able to respond accordingly. The heat from the fire will activate the closest sprinkler head, which means that the system must then concentrate and focus its suppressive powers where they are most needed. This is not only the most efficient way to put out the fire, but also helps to limit costly water damage.

The advancements in technology has not only made our computers bigger and better, but has also allowed for incredible developments in fire sprinkler systems and overall fire safety. Fire sprinkler systems are able to save property and lives from total destruction. For more information on commercial fire sprinkler systems, maintenance, and inspections, contact the fire safety experts at A Total Solutions, Inc. today!