Most people don’t really think about or pay attention to their fire extinguisher until they really need it. However, that’s the worst time to pick it up only to realize that the extinguisher is not working properly.

The law (thankfully) requires that commercial and public facilities have fire extinguisher maintenance done on a yearly basis. After all, fire extinguishers are effective thanks to their complex inner workings, so it is important that regular upkeep is done to ensure that it is functioning. Residential homeowners may not be required to adhere to the same laws, but they should also have their fire extinguishers regularly inspected.

Have you ever taken a moment to look those tags that are connected to the fire extinguisher handle? These tags are actually included to help owners track their record of inspections. The business or building owner could face a huge liability should a fire break out without any record of fire extinguisher maintenance.

Individual owners are encouraged to perform their own monthly inspections to check the condition of their extinguishers. In these mini inspections, individuals are to notify their fire protection company should they notice:

  • The locking pin is missing or unsealed
  • The nozzle or hose is jammed, ripped, or cracked
  • The handle is loose or missing
  • The inspection or service record is missing

A professional should conduct annual inspections and maintenance on the extinguishers. A qualified technician will look for the following things in the yearly inspection:

  • Visible signs of tampering or damage
  • Proper pressure (via gauge or cartridge weight)
  • Correct volume of extinguishing agent
  • Check for free-flowing powder

In addition to an annual inspection, an even more thorough six-year inspection should also be conducted. This inspection will include the piece-by-piece inspection of the pressurized canister to definitively conclude that the extinguisher is in safe and proper working order. It is important to note that this process can be incredibly dangerous for anyone who is not a professional, so do not try to inspect your extinguisher like this. Let the professionals handle it.

At A Total Solution, Inc., we offer inspections, maintenance, installation, repair, and even emergency services for fire extinguishers. Our trained experts are available to inspect and maintain your business’s life-saving equipment. Contact us today to schedule your inspections!