The current state of the world is a key indicator that an investment in security is money well spent.  Fortunately, security technology has undergone an immense growth spurt over the last few years.  The industry has realized that one size does not fit all in terms of security systems for both residential locations and commercial facilities.  Nowadays, the security community is well equipped to handle the needs of facilities large and small, and with so many options available, adapt those needs to fit into any prescribed budget. Security providers today offer systems that exhibit greater protection, greater capacity, greater technology, greater customization, and greater flexibility

Greater Protection

Modern security system offerings include video monitoring, access control, perimeter control, intrusion alarms, and even fire safety.  More so, all of these forms of security may be backed by central station monitoring, allowing trained technicians to monitor your system for alerts and threats 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  This enhanced protection lets business owners clock out and relax while ensuring the facility is under the watchful eyes of experienced monitors with direct access to emergency services.

Greater Capacity

The scope and extent of security and surveillance systems has increased.  Business owners are reaping the rewards of advanced access control systems for their commercial facilities.  Access control not only aids owners, supervisors, and managers in monitoring welcome and unwelcome visitors, but also keeps track of employees’ arrival and departure from the facility.  These systems are highly modifiable as well and may be configured with specific parameters, allowing and disallowing access to predetermined areas to specific employees.  This comes in quite handy when a sensitive facility must act quickly to remove access from a recently fired employee or unwelcome guest.  Further, access control systems may be used from the smallest store front to large skyscrapers and even across multiple facilities.

Greater Technology

Greater protection and greater capacity require greater technology, and the security industry has that in spades.  From biometric readers for hands free access control to facilities using video analytics embedded in IP cameras that are not only able to distinguish potential threats from regular or common situations through analysis of movement and patterns, but also aid the owner in profitable store layout scenarios through the tracking of trends of visitors to their locations, security technology has advanced far in its unending battle with the criminal mind.  Access control has also improved how the system is generally approached.  As more people work from home, mobile access control use is on the rise.  Mobile access control eliminates the need for unencrypted and easily cloned key cards used by employees and allows managers or administrators to monitor activity in real-time at the facility.  Mobile access control is also handy during the hiring and firing process, allowing immediate usage or restriction of an employee’s credentials.  All of this is accessible in the palm of the hand via smartphone.

Greater Customization

One size does not fit all when it comes to protecting a business location.  Perhaps the greatest advancement in security protection is the ability to customize systems through the integration multiple features.  Facilities that integrate video surveillance systems with perimeter control, like motion detectors, or intrusion control, like door alarms, are able to provide a safer environment not only for employees, but also for any goods they may be selling or storing.  These features may be connected to one central control panel, and this control panel may even be accessed remotely by owners or administrators to keep a watchful eye over the facility.  Access control systems are also improved through customization.  By integrating video security and fire alarms with your security system, business owners are able to see live feeds of where employees and visitors are should an emergency event occur.  This is especially beneficial in a fire emergency, where security system techs are able to monitor the evacuation of a location and restrict access to the area at the touch of a button until emergency services arrive and deem the area safe again.

Greater Flexibility

Everyone wants the best money can buy, but unfortunately, highly advanced security systems may not be in every business owner’s budget.  Keeping in mind the need for greater protection, the want of greater capacity, the intrigue of greater technology and the personalization of greater customization, security system providers like A Total Solution are able to offer greater flexibility to their clients.  Being able to integrate features instead of an being forced to utilize and all or nothing package gives clients the power in deciding what features are the most important for their security systems, whether it is IP camera video surveillance with central station monitoring or mobile based access control or even a combination of intrusion control and fire safety, ATS has the solution for business owners and their bottom lines.  Experts in their field since 1988, ATS has watched the industry boom with drastic advancements in technology over the years and has formulated solutions to ensure their clients are well protected at a rate well within their means.

Let ATS bring you peace of mind through security solutions.  Contact us today to speak with an expert technician about full service security options for your home or commercial facility.