You go to the doctor for regular check-ups. You take your car in for maintenance, oil changes, and preventative care every couple thousand miles. You visit the dentist for regular inspections of your teeth. So, why shouldn’t you take the time to have a regular inspection of your fire alarm system?

fire-panelFire alarm inspections and testing allow for potential system problems to be found and detected before an issue arises. These vital systems can allow you to detect a fire early, which could mean the difference between losing everything and keeping damage or loss to a minimum. Although these systems are technologically advanced, the do require maintenance and inspections to ensure that they are always prepared.

If you are still unsure as to why this annual, semi-annual, or quarterly fire alarm inspection is absolutely necessary for both residential and commercial properties, here are the top four reasons why they are vital.

1. Promotes safety.

Obviously and most importantly, regular maintenance and inspections of your fire alarm system ensures that everything is in working order. In the event of a fire, a working alarm system that has been serviced and maintained will save lives and property.

2. Ensures that equipment is kept in peak condition.

Most alarm panels and fire alarm systems require regular and consistent inspections to continue functioning properly. Manufacturers recommend that a certified and trained technician is the one who completes these inspections and any necessary repairs, as unlicensed or novice technicians could create problems in the system.

3. Increased eligibility for insurance coverage.

Did you know that most insurance companies might not actually cover damages that have been caused by a fire without documentation of an inspection? A company must have documented proof that an inspection has been done and maintenance has been performed on an alarm system before any damages are approved for coverage.

4. Keeps your alarm system compliant.

The NFPA and your local Authority-Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) often require ongoing service and preventative maintenance for all fire alarm systems. If these services are not regularly performed and you do not follow the guidelines, you or your company could be fined for non-compliance. However, this fine does not compare to the huge financial loss you could experience in a fire.

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