The fact that “you can’t be everywhere at once” has plagued the real estate industry for a very long time. Managing and monitoring properties and the staff members can seem like a nearly impossible task. However, thanks to the development of wireless and remote security systems, there is finally a solution!

A professionally monitored remote security system allows property managers and commercial property owners the necessary insights into their buildings and units. A growing number of professionals are using these systems to protect vacant buildings and homes, as well as to keep an eye on their staff members.

Here are just a few ways that remote security systems can help those in the real estate industry:

  • Watch vacant properties – Do you know what is happening in your vacant Remote Security Systems and Real Estate
    buildings when you are not around? Between issues with squatters and copper theft, there are many reasons not to leave your property unattended. In the past, when a wired security system was the only choice, the need for a contract and landline made security for these buildings unattainable. With a remote security system that is professionally monitored, you can avoid problems in these buildings. Also, while selling properties, a security system is a great way of letting realtors in an out. They can have a specific PIN number, you’ll be able to monitor their comings and goings, and how long they are in the property.
  • Monitor your maintenance staff – A remote security system also allows you to create custom PINs for contractors and maintenance staff. Many property owners use this feature to make sure that the necessary work gets done and that maintenance needs are addressed. Should you have building tenants or renters, you can also set up a specific maintenance pin for when they are away but work needs to be completed. This protects both the tenants and the maintenance workers themselves from any kind of issue.

Remote security systems can relieve stress and anxiety for those in the real estate industry and their tenants. For more information on remote security systems, contact the commercial security experts at A Total Solutions, Inc. today!