Whether you are trying to protect a business or your home, and more importantly, the people and valuables in your home, knowing the truths and facts of incidents that happen yearly is something you should be aware of.

Investing in equipment and services without knowing the consequences of not having something to protect you is often times the reason most people do not purchase services. And often times that is when you are kicking yourself in the butt because an accident like a cooking fire destroys your home.

Prevention is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself, however, the monitoring of accidents can prove to be helpful.

Fire Facts

house-fireThe honest truth about fires is that they can be devastating. But that is not a new discovery. We have been told from early on to not play with matches and be mindful of flammable objects. While that is good advice and can prevent negligence and misuse, accidents are the leading cause of property damage and fire related injury.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) the statistics of fire related incidents are staggering. U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 1,240,000 fires in 2013 alone, and these fires unfortunately results in 3,240 civilian deaths and 15,925 injuries caused by fires. This statistic is based on a cumulative census of residential homes and businesses, with the 85% of the deaths reported in the fires that started within the home. Combined, the property loss due to the fires was upwards to 11.5 billion dollars, which economically is devastating.

Thefts, Burglaries, and Robberies

Unfortunately, we know that 60 percent of burglars use some sort of force to enter a home. Whether that is breaking a window, or prying the door off its hinges. But, the other 40 percent happens to be entry through an unlocked door or an easy to open window.

We can tell if a burglary is planned or spur of the moment by how messy the entry is and how the house may look after it happens, and even by the contents taken. Surprisingly, a burglary is happen stance, and the thief does not put much time into scoping out a property before burglarizing it. This is how a burglary can turn into a dangerous robbery. A robbery happens when there are inhabitants in the home, and 36% of the time a deadly weapon is involved.

security-lockHaving a security system is the number one deterrent to burglars, but invest in a wireless system because 25% of burglaries report cut telephone and system lines. When an average burglary reports losses up to $2200, the cost of a home security system is chump change compared to that because a typical home invasion after your losses and criminal justice expenditures can put you down $20,000.

A Total Solution Inc. wants you to be aware of some of the accidents and incidents that come with fires and security. We fully encompass every service that deals with fire protection and security monitoring and, more importantly, know how to install the proper system for you. Contact us today to ensure your home and business safety.