No matter where we are out in the world, we always want to feel safe in our surroundings, be it at home, work, at the school, or even at the mall.  We also want to ensure our loved ones are safe and secure when we are away from them or when they are hospitals or assisted living facilities.  Security systems are advancing at a rapid rate and have adapted to the needs of a society faced with social upheaval.  Keeping tabs on your family members stricken with Alzheimer’s or maintaining a watchful eye over the work parking lot to ensure employees make it to their vehicles safely are just two of the reasons remote monitoring is the wave of the future.  Remote monitoring can be done through a third party service or can be handled by the owner of the security system.

Protecting Commercial Business Assets

Remote monitoring comes in many forms when talking about protecting commercial business assets.  The assets of your business are not only limited to the tangible items you own, but also includes your employees and your business data.  Securing all aspects of your business in order for your employees to effectively work and conduct business is vital to the success of your business.  Employees look to their bosses to provide a safe space.  What does that look like in the modern world?  Most state of the art remote monitoring systems include multiple ways to provide employee safety, including access control to the facility as a whole or to data sensitive areas and video surveillance of parking lots, docking areas, and reception areas to ensure all entrances and exits are monitored for intruders and other troublesome guests.

Beyond protecting your employees, remote monitoring allows you to protect your commercial business by providing swift access to emergency services at the time of any accident, emergency, or criminal event.  Technicians who remotely monitor video surveillance cameras are able to either contact the proper authorities at the time of the incident or speak directly with the owner of the business to discuss what action hey would like to take.  Remote monitoring allows the video feed to be processed immediately to ensure no feeds are erased or lost before they can find their way into the hands of the authorities.

Monitoring in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are one of the top users of remote monitoring.  Protecting your vulnerable loved ones is important, and you want to ensure the facility in which they receive care are also utilizing technology to ensure their safety needs are as prioritized as their treatment.  Healthcare facilities provide care to people who have a wide range of needs.  Because their care is flexible, their security systems should be flexible as well.  Remote monitoring provides a way for facility owners and managers to meet the needs of each individual patient while providing personalized care to all of their patients.  Some facilities utilize perimeter control devices that allow individuals to access areas of the facility based on their physical and mental status.  These systems work by attaching a monitoring device to the patient that tracks the patient through the facility through remote sensing.  These sensors allow the patient to roam freely until they enter an area that is restricted to them, at which point the technician monitoring the system is notified and alerts the staff of the facility.  Remote monitoring systems like this help vulnerable patients stay safe while preserving their dignity and some independence and individual freedoms.

Many patients in healthcare facilities require constant monitoring.  Remote monitoring allows the nursing staff to provide medical care while the remote technicians ensure the patients are safely in their approved secure spaces.  This is done through remote sensors, nurse call systems, video surveillance and access control.

Peace of Mind with Remote Monitoring

Families and business owners today have a lot on their plates.  What good does it do to be home with your family trying to enjoy a movie if you are spending your time looking at your video surveillance concerned someone is stealing from the till or that a fire may break out?  That is not a way to relax!  Remote monitoring by professional and certified technicians will provide you the peace of mind you need to enjoy that date night or vacation.  That time away from screens will reduce your stress levels, especially when you have contracted with a reputable business.  Remote monitoring allows the technicians keeping tabs on your property to alert the necessary authorities when suspicious or emergency situations arise.  They can transfer the corresponding video to those proper authorities immediately, providing swift action to minimize damage to your commercial business or healthcare facility.

Surveillance cameras and the transfer of the feeds in the past have been prone to infiltration by hackers.  Some computer savvy criminals will attempt to hack computer feeds to delete or steal video information that may implicate them in a crime.  Fortunately, modern surveillance cameras and remote monitoring systems utilize encoded feeds throughout the entire download and upload process, ensuring the only people able to access the video feeds are the techs, authorities or system owners with the proper credentials.

Peace of mind may also come in the form of integration.  Remote monitoring systems are not only for remote sensing or video surveillance.  Remote monitoring can add all alarm systems to the 24 hour systems.  This allows any fire alarm, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, remote sensor, or intruder alarm to sound through the same system to the specific technician in charge and allow faster access to emergency services during an unexpected event.

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Trust your security needs to a company with more than 30 years of experience in the security industry. Protecting your property is our job.  Contact us today to speak with a certified technician to determine how we can protect your property from theft or upgrade your current system.