Time marches on. As it does, technology advances, letting the age of the lock and key fall by the wayside. Instead of physical metal keys, we have entered the era of the access control system! Access control systems are versatile keycard lock systems that let you reprogram your cards on the fly and remotely. Effectively, they allow you to control who is allowed to access what parts of your space and when they are allowed to access them. They’re flexible, powerful, and easy to distribute. With the widespread adoption of the technology, Access Control systems have now become one of the best and most efficient methods for improving the security of your business.

But are they right for you? Should you consider an access controls system for your business?

Well, think about the benefits.

With an access control system, you can consolidate your entire keyring into one single card that has every level of access you’re permitted to have built right in. Every individual keycard can be programmed for a given employee’s specific permissions. As an administrator, this also means that you only need to carry one card to get into every door in your building. On top of this, it means that you can immediately shut off access to a specific card. If an employee loses their keycard or walks out on you with it, you can simply turn it off.

Maybe the most comforting thing about most types of Access control systems is that they can log which key is used to enter which entrance of the building at what time. This is invaluable data that can and will help you keep track of how things happened during an investigation if anything ever does happen and a security breach occurs.If you want to find out anything else about access control systems, contact the security experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today!