Businesses and homeowners have a lot on their plates nowadays.  Ensuring their assets are secure is usually one of their key priorities.  If the events of the last year have shown us anything, we need to be prepared for any and every situation.  However, there are only 24 hours in a day, and there are other priorities that also require significant attention.  Thanks to modern advances in technology, there are more security solutions available to consumers, and securing assets, like home or business property, is now easier than ever, relieving some significant burden felt by businesses and homeowners.  Third-party companies are able to access currently installed security equipment to monitor most alarms on the market.  Alarm system monitoring by outside sources allows owners to focus energy in other areas, like searching for new clients, quality family time, or even potentially a fully relaxation-focused vacation.

Residential and Commercial Monitoring

Residential and commercial alarm systems may all be monitored remotely by trained technicians to ensure your alarm systems are operating optimally.  Commercial alarm system monitoring provides faster response times for emergency situations and takes the stress off of the business owner that wants to protect the business, but also needs to sleep.  Examples of alarm systems that may be monitored by third parties include fire alarms, security alarms, and fire sprinkler systems.  When these monitored alarms are triggered, a certified technician will contact the business owner to advise them of the issue at hand.  Once an incident has been confirmed, the proper authorities or emergency services are notified in order to address the situation.  Some business owners choose to make the financially difficult decision of purchasing local alarms instead of a monitored alarm system.  Local alarms work great in small budgets, but those small savings may come at a great loss later if those loud sirens and flashing lights of the fire alarm are not heard at 3:00 a.m.  With alarm monitoring, business owners have the benefit of knowing their business is being watched 24/7 by technicians equipped with answers for all emergency situations.

Residential building owners also reap benefits from security solutions that involve alarm monitoring. Companies like A Total Solution, Inc. make it their business to know the inner workings of 79% of the safety and security brands on the market and are able to take over the monitoring systems on most previously existing home security systems.  After a year of spending excessive hours at home, many homeowners are looking to spend time outdoors, visiting loved ones, or generally taking a vacation.  Now they can do this without worrying whether their home is being burgled or if a fire has occurred.  Just as with commercial alarm monitoring, residential alarm monitoring comes with 24/7 service from certified technicians who will notify you as well as immediately contact the proper emergency services to minimize any potential damage to your property.  Another benefit, especially here in Florida where the elderly population is higher than most other regions of the U.S., is the ability to connect a nurse call alarm to the remote monitoring system.  Often times the unimaginable can happen when we are home alone.  Ensuring someone is always available to help you any time of day or night provides unmatched peace of mind.

Alarm System Installations

With advances in security solutions through companies like Bosch, the installation of your security equipment may seem complex and confusing.  In light of this, hiring a reputable company to install and provide alarm monitoring services is a great way to ensure a flawless installation.  Professionally installed security systems are easy to integrate with any other alarm systems functioning throughout the premises, like smoke alarms or nurse call alarms.  Customization of your security solutions is also a great advantage to the professionally installed security equipment.  For instance, many security systems can also control smart thermostats and other smart devices.  Choosing a professionally installed security and alarm monitoring system may seem expensive, but the high quality and reliable, 24/7 monitoring, business and homeowners alike will see a greater return when that burglar is caught in the act before getting away with your till or computer, or before that small fire on the stove turns into a large blaze that wreaks havoc throughout the premises, risking lives.

Alarm System Monitoring
Alarm System Monitoring

Alarm System Repairs and Maintenance

In order to properly safeguard your business or home, it is crucial that you ensure all of the parts of your security equipment are in working order.  One of the benefits of using an alarm monitoring system is the optional maintenance packages that come with the service. Most of us are not knowledgeable of all the parts and proper construction of a security system. It makes sense to hire a technician that is certified to maintain and repair security equipment.  Routine annual inspections of your security equipment are recommended and should be conducted by a professional technician, certified to work with your particular system.  Areas of key interest for routine maintenance checks are batteries, sensor checks, verification of strength of signal, confirmation of no loose wires or worn/damaged parts.

A Total Solution prides itself on its superior customer service and vast experience installing, maintaining, and repairing working with the top alarm systems on the market today.  Most of the technicians employed by ATS have been working in this industry for ten or more years. Contact ATS today, and we will work together to find the right solution that works for your budget and your security solution needs.