Just like every other system in your business, fire sprinkler systems have been known to occasionally malfunction. Even though these occurrences are rare, they could still happen and every precautionary step should be taken to ensure that they do not occur. The most important preventative step is to have regular fire sprinkler system inspections as they are required and to keep up with any necessary maintenance.

Here are four of the most common ways that fire sprinkler systems malfunction:

  1. Human Error – One of the top fire sprinkler system problems is human error. Many people believe that these pipes are indestructible, and use them to hang things like ropes and chains or to even help lift heavy objects. This could detrimentally damage the pipes and compromise the fire protection system.
  2. Overheating and Freezing – As fire sprinkler systems are activated by heat, it is important to consider where they will be placed and if overheating could occur. This very common malfunction typically occurs when celling temperatures rise over 150-degrees Fahrenheit. Should this be a concern for your building, especially in the high Florida heat, consider different sprinkler heads that are designed to go off at different temperatures and have a sprinkler system installed that is equipped to handle these conditions. Alternatively, and not as common in Florida, the water in the pipes of a fire sprinkler system has been known to freeze should the necessary precautions not be put in place. Frozen pipes can be prevented with insulation or antifreeze.
  3. Mechanical Damage – Just like everything else in life, fire sprinkler systems require maintenance in order to work properly. Neglecting the system could result in mechanical damage.
  4. Corrosion – Fire sprinkler systems are based on water, which makes corrosion a common problem. It can impact the functionality of the system and lead to leaks, which could cause water damage to your property. Fire inspections should be done to check for any potential leaks and to replace any pipes that are beginning to corrode.

It is important that you schedule your routine fire inspections to ensure that your building is safe and malfunction-free. For more information on fire sprinkler systems and to schedule a fire inspection, contact the safety experts at A Total Solution, Inc. today!