You’ve worked hard to get where you are today.  You have built up a successful business, hired top notch employees, and are realizing the fruits of your labor.  Suddenly the unexpected happens and emergency services are called to your business.  You have no idea what is happening, no idea of what could be wrong, and now you find yourself waiting for answers and trying to minimize the damage.  The advent of computer based and wi-fi security systems has taken business owners out of the dark ages. Ensuring you have the proper security systems in place will help ease that worry and concern that you life’s work could be ripped away at any moment and allow you to take a breath, relax and enjoy worry-free time away from work.

The advent of computer based and wi-fi security systems has taken business owners out of the dark ages.  Business owners have a lot on their plate.  They need to ensure their business is not only successful and profitable, but also that they have hired the right employees, that those employees are trustworthy, that their employees are safe, that the facility or facilities are protected from nefarious activities, and that the building and its occupants are protected from fire disasters.  That’s a lot of concern for a small business owner whose livelihood rests on the success of the business.  Fortunately, scientists and engineers have won again and developed technology that allows you, the over worked and overly stressed owner to monitor your facilities remotely, or even better, to allow someone else to monitor them for you 24/7 to ensure you get some well needed sleep.

Protecting Commercial Facilities

Access Control, video surveillance and central station monitoring are three impressive advancements in security technology for commercial facilities.  Access control not only protects you and your employees from intrusion by criminals but also protects employees from each other.  Entry into locations through access control systems may happen via swipe card, pin codes, or even biometrics, like iris scans and fingerprints.  Many of us already utilize this technology for our cell phones, but this can be used on a grander scale for all sized business, from mom and pop shops to massive corporate skyscrapers where businesses take up multiple floors.

By limiting access to a facility to only people possessing the proper credentials, you take the first step to ensuring the proper people are in the building and only those people have access to your business data and other property.  These systems are also beneficial when an employee exhibits poor or unethical behavior.  The manager, supervisor, or owner has the immediate ability to restrict any and all access to that particular employee no matter what meeting they may be in at the time of the incident.  Access control can also save lives.  Unfortunately, fires and industrial accidents do happen.  Getting word out to everyone in the building is not always an easy task.  Having remote access control allows the person in charge to lock down a specific segment of the facility to ensure no employees are able to access the danger zone.  Access control systems can also pair with other technologies like time clocks for employees to track their hours worked.  Each time an employee has to use their access credentials, the system logs that pertinent information, which can then be transferred to the accounting department for payroll purposes.

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures and drive people to do things they would never normally consider.  Theft is a common trend in a world of drastically fluctuating economies.  In order to protect yourself from theft, video surveillance systems and security system cameras have proven to be an effective theft deterrent.  At a minimum, these security systems are practical devices to use to mitigate loss from theft.  With a properly installed system, authorities are able to review the information captured on video instantly, take immediate steps to locate the stolen property, and capture the culprits in a more efficient manner with more certainty as to the guilt of the potential offender.  Video security systems are also important devices for employee safety.

Many people either arrive to work or leave work before sunrise or after sunset.  Parking lots and garages are notoriously known for a variety of assaults.  Properly placed security cameras help employees feel safe when leaving or returning to their vehicles and again make the capture of any criminals more efficient and effective should any unfortunate incident occur.

Access control and video surveillance systems are all powerful tools in the protection of your business and its property.  However, even though you may have access to these systems at your fingertips, it doesn’t allow you to get more sleep or take a needed break.  Central station monitoring, however, provides that necessary relief.  Essentially, central station monitoring allows a business owner to contract with a third party company to monitor all of your security systems, from fire alarms, to video security, to access control, certified technicians are able to keep a finger on the pulse of your business security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They are also able to have direct access to authorities to minimize the amount of time it takes for emergency services to take action to reduce damage.

Protecting Patients and Residents at Healthcare Facilities

It is never an easy time when a loved one has to go to the hospital or relocate to an assisted living facility.  When those sad circumstances occur, we want to ensure we have selected a location that meets all of their needs, from healthcare to their personal safety and security.  Healthcare facilities face unique circumstances.  They are compassionate facilities who need to provide care for patients without the feel of being in a prison.  Allowing residents and patients to maintain some sort of independence when relocating to an assisted living facility is a concern of loving family members.  However, facilities need to take into account the physical and mental capacities of each individual resident or patient and ensure that the facility is a safe space for all of these people.

Many times it becomes necessary to limit access to locations or to keep tabs on patients to ensure they are not wandering off site or into areas that could be dangerous for them.  This is especially true for Alzheimer’s patients and other patients with milder forms of dementia or other mental illness.  Intelligent perimeter solutions have made their way into many facilities.  This modernized security system allows nursing staff to monitor the whereabouts of residents and patients while allowing them the freedom to move about on their own.  Should they wander into an area that may be a danger to them, staff are able to quickly locate the patient and guide them back to a space that is safer for them.  This advanced security is provided via small monitoring devises that are placed on the patient.  The device pings when it passes through various remote sensors placed around the facility.  Providing patients with a method to maintain a semblance of their independence and dignity, while allowing nursing staff to monitor the locations of their patients makes the transition from living at home to residing at an assisted living facility a little easier for everyone involved.

Trust your security system needs to a company that has your safety at heart.  By hiring qualified technicians who are put through a series of rigorous certifications, A Total Solution is able to install, maintain, inspect, repair and upgrade all manner of security systems.  Contact us today for a free consultation!